ALL Iowa Counties Now Have Poor or Very Poor Water Quality

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Want healthy air and water, Iowa? This link will give you the phone/email for your elected officials so you can tell them to support SF2008- Moratorium & HF456 / SF2006 – Local Control. The time is now for the welfare of ALL Iowans to come before the best interests of Big Pork.  Tell them we will send them home.


“Dear [Your Legislator/Senator’s Name],

I am writing to ask you to support SF2008- Moratorium & HF456/SF2006 – Local Control. Nothing could be more important than safe air and safe water for Iowa’s children and families. Iowans are tired of manure brown or toxic algae green water that is neither safe for drinking or recreating from the vast amounts of hog manure that is dumped in Iowa annually. All counties in Iowa now have either poor or very poor air quality due to the constant emissions of toxic gases and particulate from thousands of unregulated factory farms in our state. This is no longer acceptable, and politicians who choose the best interests of big corporations will be sent home. I hope that you will choose to put the health and welfare of ALL Iowans ahead of the best interests of the pork industry.

Your Name
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