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Giant North Carolina Hog Corporation Picks Iowa To Ruin

ACTION ALERT FROM   IOWA CITIZENS FOR COMMUNITY IMPROVEMENT Ryan Pudenz is the lead representative of Prestage Farms in Iowa. Call him today at (515)233-8200 and tell him that Prestage Farms’ corporate hogs aren’t welcome in Iowa.  See below for more … Continue reading

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Resisting CAFOs In Iowa – JFAN

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Jefferson County Farmers and Neighbors (JFAN) is a nonprofit community organization composed of rural and town residents, and traditional family farmers. Their common concern is to stop the growth of CAFO (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation) factories in Jefferson … Continue reading

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CAFOs: Not Just For Rural Iowa Anymore?

The encroachment continues. There is a proposed huge factory hog farm 5 miles north of Ames and Nevada. Our friend Greta Anderson posted this on FB yesterday: This is the CAFO one mile from my house that I’m fighting. Please, … Continue reading

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