How To #Resist Factory Farms

From our inbox here is an important message from Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement.

Tis the season to help us report and track manure application that violates the law and threatens our water.

Here are the dates that are stated in the law:

Dec 21- April 1: No manure application on snow-covered ground

Feb 1 – April 1: No manure application on frozen ground

Manure that is applied on snow-covered or frozen ground is a DIRECT threat to our water. Come spring-time when the ground thaws, that manure will run off directly to our waterways.  We have over 760 impaired waterways – enough is enough!

Report manure violations to the DNR at 515-725-8694 and to Iowa CCI at 515-282-0484

We know the DNR often grants “emergency exemptions” to factory farms during these winter months (they did over 100 times last winter). But this is just one more reminder that we need an Iowa DNR and State Legislature that works for us, not Big Ag.

Join us for our Stop Factory Farms Lobby Day on Jan 23 to directly lobby our legislators for a moratorium on new and expanding factory farms. It is one of the best ways to fight for the changes we need, and to hold Big Ag accountable!

For clean water,

Farm & Environment Organizer

P.S. Want to take action at home? Contact us to learn how to get a moratorium resolution passed in your county! With more than 1 in 4 counties calling for a moratorium, local control, and/or a complete change to the current system, we are looking forward to growing that momentum in 2020.

P.P.S. Our water crisis is exactly why we joined forces with allies to file a clean water lawsuit against the state of Iowa. Iowans have a #Right2CleanWater and the state has the duty to protect that right. What’s next on the legal docket? Going before the Iowa Supreme Court. Stay tuned to learn how you can help us give this lawsuit life outside the courthouse.

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