Why The Farm Bill Was Drafted In Secret

Action Alert from Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI)

The House’s draft of the Farm Bill is nothing short of a disaster. Members of Congress have turned their backs on our independent farmers and everyday people.

Tell your representative to throw it out and start over!

The bill was drafted in secret – and now we know why.

The House has set out to give even more handouts to Big Agribusiness corporations, while at the same time slashing conservation programs, eroding agriculture markets, and attacking vulnerable communities.

This Farm Bill fails us because it…

Props up the factory farm industry.
The bill creates new massive loopholes that benefit the largest mega farm operations and factory farm owners, allowing them to receive unlimited amounts of public subsidies.

Strips away local control.
Iowa’s very own Representative Steve King was able to insert a “Right to Farm” amendment that would prevent local governments from having their own agricultural standards, significantly limiting their ability to protect citizens and support local farmers.

Takes food away from people in need.
This bill increases the requirements that recipients of SNAP (food stamps) need to fulfill to receive basic food support. This bill will result in fewer people from being able to feed themselves and buy the food family farmers grow. These changes to SNAP will hurt our neighbors.

Eliminates conservation programs.
The Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP) is a popular nationwide program designed to help farmers establish and be supported in a whole farm conservation plan. But, this Farm Bill eliminates CSP and attempts to replace it with vague “stewardship contracts.” Even worse, these contracts could be used by factory farms — meaning more public funds going toward expanding the factory farm industry.

We deserve better. Write to Congress today and demand they go back to the drawing board.

We heard from the beginning that, with a tight federal budget, this wouldn’t be a year for major shifts in the Farm Bill.

But, it’s clear that Congress has its sights set on more corporate consolidation in the agricultural industry. We should be making it easier – not harder – for family farmers to thrive.

TIME IS RUNNING OUT. Chairman Conaway could bring the Farm Bill to the floor as early as next week. Tell your Representative to vote NO on the Farm Bill, and instead bring forward a bill that puts PEOPLE and PLANET first – not big agribusiness corporations.

Big Ag is loud, but we must be louder. Take action today!

For a Farm Bill that works for farmers, workers, eaters and the environment,

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