CAFOs: Not Just For Rural Iowa Anymore?

Factory farms poisoning IowaThe encroachment continues. There is a proposed huge factory hog farm 5 miles north of Ames and Nevada. Our friend Greta Anderson posted this on FB yesterday:

This is the CAFO one mile from my house that I’m fighting. Please, if you live in Story County and have not signed my other paper petition, consider signing here. Time is running out on us. The hearing is in 8 days. (7 now)

Maschhoff farms has a poor environmental record. It has been fined the maximum amount by the Iowa State Department of Natural Resources for violations at other facilities. We don’t want to see the same thing here. The proposed location, Section 11 in Milford Township, is 4 miles from the Story County Conservation Center, 5 miles from housing in North Ames and Nevada. The potential for air and water pollution from a facility this size is huge, and shouldn’t be tolerated in this location. When the wind blows, we WILL all smell it. Our property values and environmental quality WILL suffer.

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Let’s speak out against CAFOs in Story County!


To: Story County Board of Supervisors, Wayne Clinton

Prevent Maschhoff Farms from building a 4600-head CAFO hog confinement 5 miles from North Ames!

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