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Bobby Kennedy Spoke About Gun Control In Roseburg, Oregon


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It’s The Guns

There is a Facebook post currently being circulated that offers an illuminating analogy.  It is posted below. Also, I would like to pose the question, why is it only gun owners that seem to have NO IDEA that we have … Continue reading

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There Ought to Be a Better Law

By Donald Kaul The Trayvon Martin verdict shows that with “Stand Your Ground” laws, it’s your word against theirs and they’re dead. I wasn’t too surprised when do-it-yourself vigilante George Zimmerman was found not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin. The … Continue reading

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My Letter To The County Sheriff

Earlier this year, the Cedar county Democratic Central Committee sponsored a public forum on the gun issue.  The sheriff presented his views, and gave technical information on weapons. This was still close on the heels of the Newtown shooting and … Continue reading

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I Saw A Picture Of A Child Today

Early morning, before the sun came up. I was beginning the day with the usual checking of news and blogs. One post had a story of how one mother from Newtown was grieving the loss her son. Her son was 6 … Continue reading

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The Gun Debate In The United States

by Ralph Scharnau In 2008 the Supreme Court controversially interpreted the Second Amendment as giving an individual constitutional right to gun ownership.  Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia acknowledged, however, that the right was not unlimited.  He recognized exceptions for the … Continue reading

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Kaul: How To End Gun Violence In America Round 2

Deploying Satire at My Own Risk      Link by Donald Kaul  I think I hit a nerve. A couple of weeks ago I wrote a thoughtful, well-reasoned column suggesting ways to cut down on gun violence in our ever more violent … Continue reading

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Another December, Another Tragedy

When word of the tragedy in Connecticut became known, my mind flashed back to another horrible school tragedy that involved children in a school. The year was 1958 and the city was Chicago. If you are nearing that first Social Security … Continue reading

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Five Things You Can Do About Gun Violence

Dianne Feinstein will introduce an assault weapon ban on the first day of congress.  Watch: http://embed.crooksandliars.com/v/MjYyODYtNjQ0NDU Ways you can help: Click on these links to join or make a donation: Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence Million Mom March Mayors … Continue reading

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Getting our money’s worth?

Today’s guest post is by Larry Hodgden of Tipton. Larry is a retired Viet Nam era veteran of the USAF. He and his  wife of 40 years, Sharon, have three children and seven grandchildren who keep him very busy. Family, … Continue reading

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