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Shootings Are Personal

Any useful discussion of guns in society is personal. Frequent shootings have been reported in nearby Cedar Rapids, often in the neighborhood where we lived when our daughter was born. We heard gunshots while we were there. Most times a … Continue reading

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Does Grassley Represent Iowans Or The Gun Lobby?

Background checks could get another vote. Click here to contact Chuck so he knows where Iowans stand on this issue. The gun lobby spent $163,142 on Chuck Grassley. He voted against a reasonable background check proposal to stop gun violence, … Continue reading

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Who Is To Blame For Our Failure To Pass Sensible Gun Regulations?

“I shouted out, who killed the Kennedys? When after all it was you and me.”   – Mick Jagger   There is plenty of blame to go around:  Here’s what BFIA came up with for starters.  Assign your own percentages.  … Continue reading

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Join Rep. Loebsack’s Telephone Town Hall On Gun Safety, School Safety, Mental Health

Dear Neighbor, As a father and grandfather, the events that happened in Newtown, Connecticut were truly heart wrenching.  Our entire nation’s thoughts, prayers and gratitude went to the first responders, teachers and administrators who acted so heroically to protect the … Continue reading

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