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Why Is Iowa GOP Waging War Against Planned Parenthood?

This letter was sent to Republican House Speaker Linda Upmeyer and 23 other legislators, Democrat and Republican, Senate and House. I have heard back from two of the Democratic House members. Speaker Upmeyer: I am writing to express my disappointment … Continue reading

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Fear, Paranoia, Immigration And Christian Values

I am saddened by so many aspects of the responses to the Paris attacks. My heart aches for the dead, and their grieving loved ones. All violence should be condemned. I worry for the Muslims in my personal circles. Orphaned … Continue reading

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Open Letter To Senator Joni Ernst

Senator Ernst: Our country has many points of divisiveness. One of the most polarized is the issue of abortion. It is unlikely that opinion will ever move decisively in either direction. None of this “information” presented through the carefully edited … Continue reading

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Iowa Lawmaker Gets A Laugh Not In A Good Way

Friday, March 20, 2015: Another testy week in Des Moines. We all certainly could use a laugh to lighten the mood in the Capitol building, but, once again, an attempt at such got very lost in translation. A silly book … Continue reading

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Republicans Play The Outrage Card Over Netanyahu Speech

by Laura Twing There are many words available to describe how the Iowa GOP felt about Congressman Loebsack not personally attending the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech to the U.S. congress joint session. But they chose to use the word “outrageous,” … Continue reading

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Fiscal Responsibility Is A Moral Issue

At church this past Sunday,  I was reminded of our state’s balanced budget.  Part of the reason that it is “balanced” is due to cutting funding for food pantries.  Was that funding cut because need has gone down? Apparently not, … Continue reading

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Americans Need To Work Together To Solve Our Nation’s Problems

Looking for a way forward, a new vision for our country calls us to step outside of our comfort zones.  How can we work together to solve our county’s problems? One of the first steps will be to properly identify … Continue reading

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Bobby Kaufmann Disappoints Constituent

A disappointing week.  Too many reminders of why I didn’t vote for Bobby Kaufmann last time and won’t next time. Despite a good bill regarding increases in penalties for animal abuse, and support for increasing the fuel tax in order … Continue reading

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How My Mom Made A Difference

The church choir sang at her funeral. She was in the church choir nearly all of her life, starting at age six in the children’s choir, and all of her adult life, until dementia stole her ability to concentrate. She … Continue reading

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Why Population Growth Should Be Part Of Our National Conversation

Our current tax system is unsustainable. Legalized tax evasion allows corporations to be “persons” in the political influence arena, yet excuses them from paying “income” taxes along with the rest of us. Estimates of tax monies lost this way range … Continue reading

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