Grassley: Skewed Priorities

Bob Krause

Bob Krause


Bob Krause, announced candidate for the Democratic nomination for US Senate in 2016, today said that Senator Charles Grassley showed misplaced priorities, when he voted today against the extension of Unemployment Compensation benefits. “Grassley happily spent $24+ billion to shut down the government, but would not pay $6.4 billion to extend unemployment benefits to the insured unemployed that are seeking work,” said Krause.

“Many people say they like Grassley because he does have an “Iowa folksy” gift, but that does not mean that his votes are right for the needs of America,” added Krause.

Krause pointed to the 200,000 veterans across the US that are hurt by this loss of extended unemployment benefits. “In fact,” said Krause, “veterans are 15% of the extended unemployment benefit eligibility pool. Post 9-11 veterans are hit especially hard, and have a 10 percent unemployment rate nationally.

“I predict that there will be an upsurge in homeless veterans and others if this extension is not passed. If that does happen, I hope that you contact Senator Grassley and tell him of the consequences of his vote,” stated Krause.

Krause also projected that another group that will be hurt by this will be older workers that tend to be discriminated against in the hiring process. In fact, here in Iowa, we are well above the national average in people over 45 that are on unemployment compensation.

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For those who have not heard, Bob Krause has dropped from the governor’s race and become the first announced candidate to oppose current Senator Charles Grassley.

Over the years I have found Bob Krause to be one of the most articulate politicians I have ever met. He can make a very succinct and understandable statement. I run this today not as an endorsement of Krause, but as a fine example of the kind of criticism Grassley richly deserves. We need much more of this. Grassley’s priorities are definitely skewed.

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