Supporting Racism, Misogyny, Hate Pays Off

party before country

party before country

Remember when you were young and your parents tried to teach you right from wrong? Remember how your parents taught you that if you ran around with people who lied and cheated and hated you were no better than those people.

Well, the Republican party this year ran a man for president who has a history of stealing wages from people, not paying for goods and services, lying about people who get in his way, hating those who are not like him. In short Republicans ran a presidential candidate who is everything your parents told you to avoid. Thanks to our quirky constitution, restrictive voting laws, and most likely chicanery counting votes, that man will be president.

As a public official, our Governor, Terry Branstad, should have acted as a role model to all Iowans but especially the children of Iowa and thoroughly rejected any support of the party nominee because he was unfit to be president and a role model for our nation. Branstad should have even scolded his child for being involved in the candidate’s campaign.

So given a fairly clear choice between right and wrong what did our governor, who has been in public life for four decades, choose? As you all know he chose to support the man who totally flies in the face of morality and good conduct to be president.

There was a time when folks who used their public offices to support people who knowingly committed suspicious activities and openly espoused hate and racism would be chastised in public.

So what did our governor get? An appointment to be Ambassador to China.

New lesson, please pay attention:

Winning at all costs is all that counts. Lying, cheating and stealing to that end is OK. Supporting those that do this is not only acceptable but will be rewarded.

That appears to be what we want to teach our children in America today. Branstad did.

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