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Branstad Using Religion To Get Votes

This is just plain weird.

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Why Would Governor Branstad Deny IowaCare To Thousands Of Iowans?

Tell Governor Branstad to accept the federal decision: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services accepted the Iowa Health and Wellness Plan, but rejected the part that would change monthly premiums to many poor participants if they failed to … Continue reading

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Rastetter v. Schnoor (Elections Matter)

The kerfuffle over the e-mail from the Iowa Board of Regents President Pro Tempore Bruce Rastetter to University of Iowa President Sally Mason regarding statements Professor Jerry Schnoor made about water used in production of ethanol immediately went to DEFCON … Continue reading

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An Even More Insane Bill In Michigan

I thought that the whole about face to kill unions in Michigan was an example of a legislature on the border of mass insanity. But now Michigan has come up with an even crazier idea – the state senate there … Continue reading

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Five Things We Learned At The Capitol

from David Goodner, Iowa CCI Yesterday, more than 30 CCI watchdogs, like you, from across the state testified at public hearings on economic development, budget and tax policy, and we made a big impact. Here’s the full press roundup that gives … Continue reading

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What Iowans Should Know About Walmart, Medicaid and Branstad

One issue that was almost totally ignored in the recent Iowa legislative was Gov. Branstad’s vow to not accept expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Personally I thought that it should be a central issue, but trying to bring the … Continue reading

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Hostess Dies; Workers Take The Bullet

Once again we have a story of corporate greed, executives grabbing the bucks before they leave and corporate vultures picking the bones. But what always seems to get lost in these stories is the hard working men and women who gave … Continue reading

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Who Will Take On Branstad In 2014?

Well my mind is idle over the holiday, so like many I dream about the future. And since I have a political bend, much of my speculation is about the next election. The next general election is 2014 and for us … Continue reading

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Couple of Great Ideas

1) Don’t know if you may have heard of this, but members of the Occupy Wall Street have come up with a great idea: buy debt on the debt market for pennies on the dollar and then forgive that debt. The … Continue reading

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Democrats Make Better Job Creators

The contrast between Democratic and Republican approaches to the government’s role in job creation could not be clearer than with the Branstad administration’s recently announced deal with the Egyptian corporation Orascom. The company plans to build a fertilizer plant in … Continue reading

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