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Trade Treachery

As the Trans Pacific Partnership steams toward a senate vote, opposition has been coming from many quarters. This opposition needs to unite with a message that is coherent. However, that has been hard to do since no one except a … Continue reading

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A Champion Emerges

Last week a report came out that the income gap between the richest 1% and those at the other end has not been wider since 1928. This was of course right before the crash. This and many other indicators suggest … Continue reading

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What Iowans Should Know About Walmart, Medicaid and Branstad

One issue that was almost totally ignored in the recent Iowa legislative was Gov. Branstad’s vow to not accept expanded Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act. Personally I thought that it should be a central issue, but trying to bring the … Continue reading

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Exploding Myths For The Easter Weekend

I know many of you are on Alan Grayson’s email list. Grayson does such a great job articulating what many of us feel. Easter is the time of renewal of the earth – when new beginnings bring new hope. To … Continue reading

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