An Even More Insane Bill In Michigan

I thought that the whole about face to kill unions in Michigan was an example of a legislature on the border of mass insanity. But now Michigan has come up with an even crazier idea – the state senate there has passed a bill that would allow doctors to refuse medical care for moral or ethical reasons. Really. Think about that for a second.

Imagine going to a doctor who is quite right wing. He sees your name and remembers a letter to the editor you wrote that he disagreed with vehemently. Let’s say he is the only doctor around for 50 miles. Look down around southern Iowa and you can see this scenario is not that far out of line. Seems the doctor has decided that it is better for you to suffer because you are somehow unworthy. Hippocrates must be rolling in his grave.

State Wide Transport To UI Hospital Cut.
The University of Iowa Hospitals is one of the finest hospitals in the country. One of their missions is to serve ALL the people of Iowa, regardless of ability to pay. We support that as taxpayers. From my understanding, we have supported this for 80+ years. For those people who are destitute, rides were provided by the Hospital for people around the state. One reason that this makes sense is that UI Hospitals often have some one-of-a-kind treatments. So rather than have an interim step of a wasted trip to a smaller hospital, some destitute patients were brought straight to Iowa City.

Well this ends December 31. I got this from a friend and had it accidently corroborated by a chance conversation at lunch yesterday. The Hospital will still treat these patients, but the patients have to figure out how to get to Iowa City. In some cases they can go to a regional hospital, but will have to figure out how to get there also. If the regional hospital can’t treat them, a very good possibility, the patient will then be made to find a way to get to Iowa City for treatment. One option may be a bus, but getting to the terminal may be a challenge. Another option is a private service that charges $1.50 or more/mile for transport. Either way, indigent patients could not afford these costs.

I have always said people don’t care unless it directly affects them. In this case as often happens, the poor lose again. It is sad to see stuff like this especially in Iowa. The US was once a caring country and Iowa one of the most caring. I believe someplace in the Bible it says that we are judged by how we treat the least among us. And these days it seems that choice is to let them die.

Vote With Your Dollars
Remember this Christmas season that the Walton family has more money that the bottom 40% of Americans. As you spend your dollars at Walmart or Sam’s Club you put another nickel into the pockets of a family that is doing everything it can to destroy the middle class in America. If you need proof of that, simply go to google and put in something like Walmart Employee practices. You will get thousands of hits on how bad they are.

And if you have been paying attention you know that Walmart employees are paid so little that many qualify for Medicaid and food stamps. So please, before you spend your money at Walmart, please go down the street and see if you can’t find the same item even if you must pay a little more.

Branstad Locks The Public Out Of Budget Hearings
From ICCI:
Gov. Branstad has locked the public out…again.

This time from the Governor’s Public Budget Hearing – that just ended. Though the room holds 60 people, he instructed state troopers to only allow ten in at a time. And, he made sure the big business lobby – like the Iowa Assoc. of Business and Industry – got in the door first.

He doesn’t really leave much doubt about who he works for, does he?

Maybe he’s heard word that Iowans know that his budget priorities are way off.
Please sign the petition to put people first.

My Christmas Wish Part 1
My wish is simple – that all the groups that the Republicans have been able to keep divided will realize that it is in each of their best interests to come together to fight the common enemy – the Republicans – rather than continuing to fight each other

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