Health Care On The Ballot: Join A Virtual Health Care Discussion Today

Action alert from Progress Iowa:

Iowa’s health care is at risk. Will you join us for a discussion today on the stakes of this election?

The Trump-Republican lawsuit against the Affordable Care Act goes to the Supreme Court on November 10, one week after the election. Now, with the confirmation of Justice Amy Coney Barrett the threat to the ACA is dire. We need to make it clear: Iowans will not support efforts to take away our health care. 

Efforts to repeal the ACA would put the health care of nearly 230,000 Iowans into question and risk the protections of 1.3 million Iowans with pre-existing conditions. That’s why we must take action before the end of this election.

Together, we will discuss all we can do to protect our care, including following the new health care voter guide.

Will you join us at 10:30 AM today?

Matt Sinovic
Progress Iowa Executive Director


Debbie Koopman, Healthcare Advocate
Susan Blocker, Small Business Owner & Cancer Survivor
Matt Sinovic, Progress Iowa Executive Director

WHAT: Health Care Is On The Ballot – Press Conference via Zoom

WHEN: Thursday, October 29 at 10:30 AM CT


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