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Aghast As Iowa Republicans Double Down On Trump

Most people have a mother, sister, daughter, aunt or grandmother. Most of those same people would not want those relatives to be molested by any man no matter what that man’s stature was. Whether the victim is a relative or … Continue reading

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Ernst And King Forced To Give Money Back

Progress Iowa has done an exemplary job of exposing the workings of ALEC in Iowa and holding conservatives accountable.  Click here to check out Progress Iowa’s website. Please support them if you can.  Video below is news coverage by a … Continue reading

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This Should Be The Biggest Story of The Year

Last weekend in an interview with Sam Stein of the Huffington Post, Dr. Francis Collins, head of the National Institute of Health, said that a vaccine for ebola would have probably already have been found had it not been for … Continue reading

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Oops – Steve King Accidentally Speaks The Truth

Every now and then some Republican loses their talking points and without those to guide them they accidentally tell the truth. Such a horrible misfortune befell our own Steve King this week. He was discussing immigration and he slipped and … Continue reading

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The Real Entitlement

Every time I hear the word “entitlement” in connection with Social Security or Medicare I want to grab the fool who is using Frank Luntz’s word by the collar and ask him (or her) just how stupid they are. Do they … Continue reading

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Steve King: Unfair And Unbalanced

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Steve King Hopes Six Debates Will Be Adequate

King hopes six debates will be adequate to inform the voting public Below is the letter Congressman King sent to Christie Vilsack challenging her to six debates. March 16, 2012 Christie Vilsack c/o Christie Vilsack for Iowa, Inc. P.O. Box … Continue reading

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Rushpublicans And The War On Women

For the life of me, I cannot understand why the Republican Party (my name, Rushpublicans) has decided to let their leader, Rush Limbaugh into a battle of hate for women. seems to me to be quite short sighted at best … Continue reading

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Why Is Steve King Campaigning For Christie Vilsack?

What exactly are Stasi troops, you may ask. Yesterday, Iowa Rep. Steve King compared the janitors who are switching out energy wasting lightbulbs with energy efficient lightbulbs at the Capitol, to East German communist secret police.   Apparently, King believes … Continue reading

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Watch That Gas Price!

If things seem to be going too good, they probably are. I am the kind of person who sees a cloud behind every silver lining. Right now  the silver lining of Republican discord couples with some good news from the … Continue reading

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