Aghast As Iowa Republicans Double Down On Trump

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Most people have a mother, sister, daughter, aunt or grandmother. Most of those same people would not want those relatives to be molested by any man no matter what that man’s stature was. Whether the victim is a relative or any woman it shouldn’t make any difference. Sexual assault should never be condoned.

What Donald Trump engaged in was not “locker room talk.” It was sexual assault as CNN newsman Cooper Anderson pointed out at the October 8th debate. It is sad to see our media take the sting out of Donald Trump’s words by using his euphemism of “locker room talk.” Like many men, I have spent time in locker rooms after a workout or game and the talk does not turn to violent sexual fantasies. Maybe in Donald Trump’s world it does

Yet the Iowa Republican Party from the top down including the governor, both of our senators and the three Republican congressmen are all more than happy to turn a blind eye when the sexual assaulter is their party’s standard bearer for the presidency.

As a nation we should not hire a man who admittedly committed sexual assault in a nationally released tape. Nor should we rehire those who defend him even after he admitted during the debate that he committed such acts.

To stand idly by or worse to condone such practices by continuing to endorse this man, Donald Trump, should be condemned by every Iowan with a lick of morality or a female relative. Yet the leaders in the Iowa Republican Party had their chance and refused to do so.

According to, Senator Grassley will continue to endorse Donald Trump because of the Supreme Court. It is amazing that a sitting senator can condone sexual assault so his party can win, but there it is in black and white.

Senator Ernst’s stand in continuing to endorse Trump is particularly puzzling since she has made sexual assault in our armed forces one of her signature issues. Does she think sexual assault is OK outside the armed forces? Or is it OK of done by prominent individuals?

It is not too surprising Iowa’s three Republican representatives turned a blind eye. They are from the extreme wing of the party and as such believe one of their own can do no wrong.

In a survey of the Iowa legislature done by Progress Iowa a few weeks back, all Republican legislators refused to say one way or another whether they stood with Trump. What cowardice.

Branstad has also long ago gone to the extreme wing of the party, but also has a vested interest since his son is Trump’s campaign manager in Iowa.

Not only does this say a lot about the leadership of the Republican Party in Iowa, it will also say a lot about Iowans if they choose Trump.

The leaders of the Iowa Republican Party failing to stand up for the women of Iowa and of our country is also cowardice.

Donald Trump says this is not a big issue. Yes it is. It affects half the country (the women) and every family in this country. Your admission made the safety and civil rights of women a huge issue.

Grassley also shows a decided lack of knowledge of recent American history. Trump has already announced economic policies that most economists say will throw the world into a huge depression. Perhaps Mr. Grassley forgets the end of the Bush 43 administration as the country bled jobs at nearly 800,000 a month and common Americans lost their homes and their life savings.

When Republicans, especially Grassley, blame the Obama administration with poor economic policy they ignore the fact that unemployment stands at a fairly low 5%. They also ignore a stock market that has tripled since Obama has been president. They also ignore the fact that the economy could be much better had the Republicans not stopped every economic program from the day Obama became president.

Iowa Republicans toss away their integrity as if it means nothing out of an irrational fear of Hillary Clinton. Republicans in congress have spent well over $100M investigating Hillary Clinton, over $20M this past year and have found nothing wrong. Talk about abuse of power!

Wasting tax dollars, bad economics and party first politics is what Republicans are offering this year. It is a bad buy.

Trump’s problem with women is hardly news, though. The corporate media has failed in its duty to report on similar incidents that have come to light over the past year and a half. Included among those is the rape of a minor from the 1990s and another assault in the late 90s.

When the Trump defenders claim Bill Clinton did the same, it is a moot statement. Bill Clinton is not running for president.

Corporate media’s failure on reporting on Donald Trump is nearly matched by their continued false reporting on Hillary Clinton. As noted above Republicans in congress spent over $100M dollars investigating Clinton. Who knows how many hours have been wasted? Yet for their pursuance of Hillary Clinton like an animal, they have come up empty and been absolved of any accusations. The only people who still believe that Clinton did something illegal are the Fox News and Breitbart fans. Even Russian hackers have had to resort to faking emails to try to create controversy.

As Hillary Clinton did amazing things over her lifetime the American press has seldom reported them. Instead they have focused on the false accusations as if Clinton was a convicted criminal. The caricature that their reporting has created over 30+ years of has been a huge disservice to our country.

Will you vote for cowardly Republicans or the party that has stood up to the bullies and for minorities, women, the disabled and our armed forces? Remember a vote for Trump will say a lot about Iowa to the world. I would not want to tell my daughters that I voted for Trump in this election.

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    The R’s are going to soil themselves when president HR Clinton nominates Barack Obama for the Supreme Court!


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