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Steve King made national headlines yet again today. Take a look at the Huffington Post’s front page:

Steve King Huff Po cover

When a HuffPost reporter on Capitol Hill Tuesday asked King about his retweet of a neo-Nazi, the congressman said all of his tweets are “true and objective.” On Wednesday, when the same reporter asked King if he is a white supremacist or a white nationalist, the congressman didn’t deny the allegation.

“I don’t answer those questions,” he said. “I say to people that use those kind of allegations: Use those words a million times, because you’re reducing the value of them every time, and many of the people that use those words and make those allegations and ask those questions can’t even define the words they’re using.” 

So we have defined the words, and all the evidence is there: King is a white supremacist.

I’m happy to answer the question: White supremacy has no place in America.

Contribute what you can today and together we’ll make sure Steve King no longer has a place in Congress!

I’ve tried to make this campaign more about the things I want to do to help the people of this district—about my vision for fixing our broken health care system, bringing a new economy to rural Iowa, and fighting for our farmers who are hurting. But it’s impossible to ignore the fact that Steve King continues to be a complete embarrassment to the people of this district and this state.

As a 5th-generation Iowan, I am deeply disturbed and appalled that Steve King refuses to denounce the abhorrent concepts of white supremacy and white nationalism. My Iowa values and my baseball career taught me that people of all backgrounds can achieve greater things by working together for a common cause. I was fortunate to have had teammates from six different continents and my Catholic faith taught me we are all equally loved and valued, regardless of race. I’m not sure what bible Steve King uses. 

Northwest Iowa is tired of Steve King’s divisive politics, which is only good for embarrassing us on the national stage. A Des Moines Register poll from last fall showed I am not alone in my feelings as a Democrat trailed King by only three points. We are on the verge of a farm crisis, health care remains unaffordable for many rural folks, and more of our youngest and brightest keep leaving western Iowa. We urgently need a voice that genuinely cares more about building our district’s future than it does about tearing us apart. It’s time to replace Steve King’s extremist political views  with someone who will fight for the people of Northwest Iowa. 

I’m embarrassed to be represented in Congress by Steve King. Sixteen years is long enough and it’s time for change. Say you’ll stand with me in saying, “ENOUGH” by contributing to our movement to defeat him!

Let’s end this national embarrassment once and for all.

Standing Tall for All,
J.D. Scholten

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