Humiliating The Poor

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This is now something we do in America. No more following the teachings of most religions and ethics. Poor people are to be treated as a pariah in America these days. Reasoning in America today says poor people are responsible for their lot in life and must be punish for bothering those of us not poor. Forget all that hype about Bush running the economy in the ground and sending good jobs to China.

And just in case you forget who is driving this much more hateful attitude toward the poor, let me remind you it is those who want to pay no cost of being a citizen (aka taxes). They are the same people that buy the the votes in congress and state legislatures so that laws can be passed to punish the poor.

Now, according to Robert Reich, the wealthy not only own congress, they are buying off non-profits and others who in the past may have been critical of the rich. If we wait long enough we may see that nasty “it is easier for a rich man to pass throughout the eye of a needle that to enter the kingdom of heaven” stricken from bibles.

From Reich’s article:

It’s bad enough big money is buying off politicians. It’s also buying off nonprofits that used to be sources of investigation, information, and social change, from criticizing big money.

Other sources of funding are drying up. Research grants are waning. Funds for social services of churches and community groups are growing scarce. Legislatures are cutting back university funding. Appropriations for public television, the arts, museums, and libraries are being slashed.

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The Koch brothers now fund 350 programs at over 250 colleges and universities across America. You can bet that funding doesn’t underwrite research on inequality and environmental justice.

David Koch’s $23 million of donations to public television earned him positions on the boards of two prominent public-broadcasting stations. It also guaranteed that a documentary critical of the Kochs didn’t air.

If we didn’t know better one would almost think our once proud democracy has devolved into a oligopoly.

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