This Is Iowa? This Is So Sad

This story popped up Thursday. So sad that folks who work a full time job in Iowa have to turn for aid. Credit this to 12 continuous years of republican leadership in Iowa under Branstadt and Reynolds that have suppressed wages, busted unions, given huge tax breaks to the wealthy and will eventually bankrupt the state. 

The only thing keeping us afloat now is a big infusion of federal money to help folks during the pandemic. Reynolds has chosen to spend it on tax cuts, “hardening” schools and tax cuts. It will catch up to us.

From the iowacapitoldispatch:  

“Bobby Chase’s income as a full-time cook at an Ames pizza restaurant forces him to choose between paying for groceries or rent for the month.

“There are places that don’t want to give hours or a pay that actually makes sure people can pay their bills or for food,” Chase said.

Local food pantries in Ames help him resolve this dilemma. One week out of every month, Chase visits multiple food banks in Ames to stock up on groceries. Even with the support, he still finds himself rationing his food and barely having enough to make it through the month.

Chase is one of many employed Iowans who are increasingly relying on food bank services to make up for rising costs as Iowa food pantries are seeing an increase in services.

Most food bank recipients are employed

Des Moines Area Religious Council’s Chief Executive Officer Matt Unger said policymakers who attempt to write off high food insecurity as a workforce issue are wrong. Over a third of recipients are outside of the workforce age. In May, 32% of the council’s food assistance aid went to children and 13% of recipients were 65 years or older. Meanwhile, only 16% of recipients in May were unemployed and Unger said some work multiple jobs.

“There is a lot of work to do beyond just looking at this and pigeonholing it as an issue of people being employed or not,” Unger said.

Much more at the article. Food banks are hurting. People fall just outside the income limits, but with rising prices for shelter and transportation they are more in need than ever.

Twelve plus years of poor leadership at the state level by Republicans are a major factor in this situation.

So sad that in the very breadbasket of the world we have people go hungry. Especially sad to think about on Independence Day.  

Donate to the food banks if you are able. Be sure to register and vote for leaders who will take a more common sense approach.

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