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ICCI Voter Owned Lobby Day

ICCI Voter Owned Lobby Day in Des Moines By Caroline Vernon Progressive Action for the Common Good (PACG) has reserved a passenger van to transport Quad City activists to Des Moines next Monday, January 29th. We will be joining other … Continue reading

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IPP Report on Fixing Healthcare in Iowa

IPP Report on Fixing Healthcare in Iowa Iowa Policy Project senior research consultant Colin Gordon has issued a  new report for the IPP, “Prescriptions and Placebos: Fixing Health Care in Iowa.”To view the report, see:<; To view the executive summary, … Continue reading

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Elesha Gets BFA Focus (**Update 12/1**)

Elesha Gets BFA Focus  (**Update 12/1**) By Sam Garchik Thanks to Sheri Divers who posted this about Elesha Gayman winning in the QCA. Daily Kos has a good discussion on Loebsack, plus a dialog about the Regents debacle.

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Loebsack’s Going to DC, and Other Dem Victories

Loebsack's Going to DC (and other dem victories) By Sam Garchik Dave Loebsack ran a great, dignified campaign against a tough opponent, and did what no other challenger could do in 30 years. He beat Jim Leach. Way to go … Continue reading

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Iowa Blog Roundup

   Iowa Blog Roundup By Sam Garchik Lots to say. Campaign season is in full swing, so here we go with the events and notes around the state: District 1 There is a champagne brunch to honor women on July … Continue reading

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FEBRUARY LEGISLATIVE FORUM/PART B   As promised, I am giving a second report on the Senators' and Representatives' Legislative Forum held at St. Ambrose University, Davenport, IOWA, which took place Saturday, February 25th. A question from a young man, Andrew, … Continue reading

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Elesha Gayman of DFQC Named DFA Rising Star

Elesha Gayman of DFQC Named DFA Rising Star Elesha Gayman, a member of Democracy for the Quad Cities, has been named to the Democracy for America Rising Star list. Elesha, former Dean Delegate to the Democratic National Convention, is running … Continue reading

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ALTA'S LEGISLATIVE WORKSHOP Saturday, November 19th saw about 30 folks assemble for informal, informative discussions with IOWA elected officials.  Our own DFQC's ALTA PRICE organized the event held at the Bettendorf Community Center.  It was a chance for concerned citizens … Continue reading

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Candidate Watch: Elesha Gayman – Iowa House District 84

Candidate Watch: Elesha Gayman – Iowa House District 84

by Caroline Vernon

Elesha Gayman is an outstanding candidate for Iowa House District 84. She is a breath of fresh air, and exemplifies the kind of down home values that will help to promote and preserve what it means to be an Iowan. Elesha will ensure that Iowa is a better place to live, work, and raise a family. What else could we ask for?

[Click here for a map of Iowa House District 84 in Scott County.]

Elesha Gayman was born in Davenport, Iowa. Her great, great grandparents were one of the original 13 families that settled in Davenport during the mid 1840's before Iowa became a state in 1846. In fact, the Gayman homestead is still in the family and their name can be found on the monument at the Scott County museum and pioneer village.

Initially inspired by former Republican State Representative, Neil Harrison, Elesha first became involved in politics at the age of thirteen when she became a member of the Davenport Youth City Council. Feeling a little rebellious at the time, Elesha advocated against youth curfews. Although she shared she was unsuccessful in changing anyone’s mind, the experience with the DYCC did much to enhance her confidence levels.

During her senior year in high school, Elesha helped to plan voter registration drives and engaged many of her peers in the process. Upon graduating in 1997, she recalls that Newt Gingrich’s “Contract with America” was in full swing. It was at that time that she started paying closer attention to the different platform issues and became more selective of who she would support and why. Although she was previously involved with the Republican Party throughout the 90's, their message at that time discouraged women from becoming involved in the political process as well as the workforce. As a result, Elesha said the last thing she wanted to hear was someone telling her what she couldn’t do. This got her more fired up than ever.

Click here to visit Elesha Gayman's website.

After attending one year at St. Ambrose University, Elesha attended the first semester of her sophomore year in Rome, Italy, majoring in Political Science with an emphasis in International Relations. Elesha shared with me that this experience imparted a deep sense of history. Many of the cobblestone roads still bore the deep grooves made by the wheels of ancient chariots. In addition to her political science classes, she also took advantage of taking classes in Catholicism, Art, and Philosophy.

Elesha arrived in Rome just two days after the embassy bombings in Africa and the Kosovo situation was also exploding over there at the time. These issues prompted her interest in law and military affairs, so she took as many military classes as she could in college. It was at that time that she became very interested in the career of General Wesley Clark. She later became part of the Draft Clark campaign for President although she ultimately went to the Democratic National Convention as a Howard Dean delegate.
Continue reading

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Blog for Iowa’s Candidate Watch

Blog for Iowa's Candidate Watch Even with all the time that has passed since last November, I am amazed that one of the blog categories that gets the highest number of hits every week is still the Candidates section – … Continue reading

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