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By Sam Garchik

Lots to say. Campaign season is in full swing, so here we go with the events and notes around the state:

District 1

There is a champagne brunch to honor women on July 22nd at the Teutonic retreat formerly known as “Jumers Castle Lodge,” in Bettendorf.  It starts at 10:30. Tix are $35, and the money goes to Elesha Gayman. You can email her at to make a reservation. 

Meanwhile, Elesha was interviewed on the DailyKos. Here's what she said out her plans for office:

“A good 75% or more of people I have talked to have been impacted by a young person they know leaving Iowa. So immediately they have found a way to connect with me and my message. But if young people leaving Iowa are the problem our solution is in three major areas.

– We must work to create and bring quality jobs to Iowa.
– We must work to make health care affordable to all Iowans.
– We must work to remove the cost barriers around higher education.”
District 2

State House races are heating up in District 2 as well. Mark Nolte (89) is hosting a series of volunteer meetings on Sunday at 5:00 and 7:00 PM. He lives just South West of Iowa City, Off Highway 1, ½ mile west of the 218 overpass.  You can get there by turning north on Kitty Lee Rd and going .75 miles. They are are the green house with the big yard sign on your right.  You can park on the West side of Kittle Lee Rd if the driveway is full.

Clara Olsen (79) is also making waves in the second district. She will join supervisor candidates Esther Dean, Wayne Shoultz and Tom Furlong and our next United States Representative, Dave Loebsack this Sunday when the Muscatine County Democrats ride a trolley in the annual county fair parade. Line up for the parade begins at 1PM at the Muscatine County fairgrounds on the south end of West Liberty. Parade kicks off at 2PM.

Speaking of Loebsack, the campaign has put together a “What's Jim Done,” page to let you know just how in step with the GOP Leach is.

And thanks to Iowa underground for showing me this: the Gazette dropped Ann Coulter, proving again they are the best paper in the state.

Final notes from the second: Hungary on Monday in Iowa City? Eat at Thai Flavors, 340 E. Burlington. 20% of the day's profits go to the JC Dems.

District 3

This Saturday, from 9:30 AM to 1200 PM, at the Des Moines Central Library, there will be a public nonpartisan discussion of why people fail to vote or don't become politically active and may not be passing our democratic traditions on to our youth. Join the Conversation!

The event is sponsored by the Des Moines Public Library, Iowa Partners in Learning, and the National Issues Forums Institute.

To RSVP or register, E-mail Committee Chr. Virginia Varce:  For more information, call David Wilkinson, Chr. at Iowa Partners in Learning (515) 471-8054

If your looking for something to do on Monday in the Mighty Third, you've come to the right place.

Start early at 8:00 AM in Tama at the Anti-FDMA rally, corner of West 3rd and Siegal St.  If you want to camp overnight, contact Cheria Anderson at 641-691-7039. She's at 225 1/2 West 3rd Street, just up the block from the rally.

After the rally, you can drive to Des Moines to check out Evan Bayh, who is speaking at the Pappajohn Center at 1200 Grand Avenue in Des Moines at 1:00 PM that day.

Save your energy because that night, the Progressive Coalition in Central Iowa is meeting at the Des Moines Senior Center on Forest Avenue and MLK Parkway at 7:00 PM. Vern Naffier has been working on this for a while, and although I can not attend, I look forward to receiving a digest and posting the results to the blog.

Kudos go to the Register for printing the truth about Lamberti and the GOP. As they claim, 
 • The national debt is growing faster than the economy, which is an unsustainable course.
 • Talk of “cutting the deficit in half” is disingenuous. It ignores the probability that half a deficit is where the progress ends, and that's not good enough. Long-term projections show the budget never coming into balance under current fiscal policies.
 • The annual deficits are far worse than they appear. The true deficit in the government's operations this year will be $473 billion, not the reported $296 billion. A surplus in Social Security revenue makes the deficit appear smaller. When the baby boomers retire and the Social Security surplus disappears, the true magnitude of the deficits will hit home. Nothing is being done to prepare for that day.
 • Now, when the economy is growing, the government should be running a surplus, not piling up record amounts of debt. Borrowing should be reserved for when it is really needed, in bad times, not squandered during good times.
 • Tax cuts do not pay for themselves, and there is no painless way out of the fiscal mess.

District 4

I would love for some folks in the fourth to send me stuff on what's going on up there. I know Edwards is coming to speak at your Wing Ding, but I'm looking for more details on campaigns. Email blog2@democracyforiowa.comwith info. Thanks

District 5

Steve King knows how to put together an electric fence. And he thinks immigrants are animals. And his ancestors are from where?

In other news, his efforts for Enlgish Only ballots was stopped. Over 238 members of Congress have more sense than him.


Thanks to Political Forecast, who reads Cityview, we now see what's on the Republican Platform:

“In the meantime, the state's Republicans met a couple of weeks ago and, among other things, wrote a new platform. Since we couldn't find mention of it in The Des Moines Register, Civic Skinny rises again to public service by providing some highlights: The Iowa Republican platform would eliminate the U.S. Department of Education; speaks harshly of homosexuals; opposes any minimum wage; favors school prayer and the teaching of creationism; opposes the teaching of sex education; favors English as the official language of the state; opposes the Kyoto treaty; opposes “ethnic history” months in school systems; opposes no-fault divorce; wants marriage defined as exclusively between a man and a woman; opposes a protected class based on sexual orientation; favors drilling in the Arctic national wildlife preserve; opposes the bottle bill; opposes “all forms” of affirmative action; favors the death penalty; opposes amnesty for any illegal immigrants; supports a barrier along the entire length of the Mexico-U.S. border; opposes issuing driver's licenses or providing medical, welfare, or educational support for illegal immigrants and their dependents; favors the right to carry a concealed weapon; supports the repeal of state and federal hate-crimes legislation; supports the reversal of Roe v. Wade; opposes embryonic stem-cell research; opposes euthanasia; opposes abortion; opposes a cigarette-tax increase; favors eliminating the income tax and the Internal Revenue Service and imposing, instead, a consumption tax; opposes the use of tax dollars to support the entertainment and the arts; and commends the “outstanding representation” of, among others, Steve King… among other things.”

Meanwhile, Denise O'Brien is getting chunks of money from both Gov. Villsack and . . . Mark Warner. He gave her 10k. It's great for Denise to have the money, for sure. Does this mean that Edwards and all the other folks now have to match it? Thanks to Political Madman for this update.

Finally on to the humor.

Buzz Lightyear continues to deny any link to Jim Nussle's campaign, particularly in the wake of Nussle's poor report card.

And can you believe the guy running this ad should have been our VP? Senator Lieberman, have you no shame at last?

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    What Iowa needs to do to get people out to vote is to give them a reason. Use the press, radio and television to sell what we chave to offer and yell to the rooftops that. “2006 Is A Time For Change.”


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