Loebsack’s Going to DC, and Other Dem Victories

Loebsack's Going to DC
(and other dem victories)

By Sam Garchik

Loebsack ran a great, dignified campaign against a tough opponent, and did what
no other challenger could do in 30 years. He beat Jim Leach. Way to go Dave.
Enjoy DC.

Bruce Braley beat a tough opponent also, as did Leonard Boswell. Iowa now has
three Democratic Congressmen. Times are good. Thanks also to Selden Spencer and
Joyce Schulte, who ran good campaigns in tough areas.

We also have a new Democratic governor, a new Democratic Secretary of State,
and a good candidate for Iowa Secretary of Agriculture in 4 years. O'Brien ran
a good campaign about important issues, and should continue to work for the
people in the state of Iowa. We need her.

On to the Iowa House. Andrew Wenthe, McKinley Bailey, and Eric Palmer beat two
tough  GOP incumbents. As did Elesha Gayman, who, at 28, is, I think,
Iowa's youngest ever female elected to the State House. She will work there
with Tyler Olson, who graduated high school in 1994. The future of our party is
in good hands. Meanwhile, Social Studies Teacher Art Staed takes over a former
GOP seat, as did Doris Kelley. Mark Nolte and Sally Vitamvas both ran good
campaigns, but came up short.

The State Senate also went well for Democrats. Rob Hogg, Bill Heckroth, and
Stacci Appel all won seats previously held by Republicans, Becky Schmitz beat
an incumbent in Southern Iowa.

More results are here, and more commentary will be forthcoming.

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