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Leftovers For The Short Day

This is the day I hate every year when we “leap forward” so some folks can have late barbecues and the rest of us take about a month to adjust the time change. If you didn’t know, the current daylight … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: Time Is Relative Edition

Neil DeGrasse Tyson explains it (8:45) Listening to NPR’s Morning Edition Friday to a story about time. As we prepare to go through our annual pain in the ass time change, they used that to discuss time on the moon. … Continue reading

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No Iowa Nice Anymore

Abortion horror story (5:40) I call up a map of the US every day to see if sometime overnight the state Iowa drifted off it’d moorings and drifted south and nestled someplace amongst the states of the old south. Are … Continue reading

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In A Kingdom Not Long Ago

I got this email from occasional contributor and friend of blogforiowa, Don Paulson. You can almost hear the frustration in Don’s narrative of a legislative session in Muscatine not long ago. I get the distinct feeling that the legislators, all … Continue reading

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Community Food Banks Need Help

A close friend in Iowa City just got this email from their local Community Food Bank yesterday. I have no doubt that that Food Banks across the state are in or near crisis. Remember that pandemic aid has ended and … Continue reading

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High Five Highlights How Bad Iowa Legislature Is For Iowans

Progress Iowa continues to send out its daily email during the legislative session. As we pass through funnel week (last week) the seriousness of what the legislature is doing is magnified. Many of the bills that pass through the funnel … Continue reading

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Sunday Funday: High Holy Days Of Basketball + Women’s History Edition

Clark buzzer beater after screen by Czinano (46 seconds:) What a grand conjunction for someone like me. Over the years I have become more and more of a women’s basketball fan. While the skill level is not what men can … Continue reading

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Here We Go Again – Contracting ‘Management’ For Public School Pillage 

Here we go again. As if anyone could be surprised, the far right Republicans have found yet another way to siphon money from taxpayers and give it to wealthy companies. This for a task that could be done in house … Continue reading

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Controlling the Past, Controlling The Future

A discussion of Orwell’s quote (9 minutes): You would think in this day and age that politicians and others in the public eye would learn that lying about something that happened especially when there is a digital record should be … Continue reading

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Regulate Marijuana In Iowa

Got this email blast from former Iowa State Senator Joe Bolkcom Thursday. Please sign on. It is way past time for this to happen It’s time to end failed marijuana prohibition and regulate marijuana like alcohol in Iowa. If you … Continue reading

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