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Vote Out Republicans Today

Today is a great day in America.  You can do something today for  yourself, your family, your country.  You can vote to throw Republicans out of office today!   🙂 If you’re feeling distressed over the Republican congress rubber-stamping Trump’s unqualified, … Continue reading

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Republicans Are Bad At Law Making

Last Friday the Iowa Supreme Court overturned the 2017 law requiring a 72-hour waiting period before a woman could have an abortion. Here’s the money quote from Chief Justice Mark Cady, writing for the majority: “The state’s capacity to legislate … Continue reading

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Why Is Iowa GOP Waging War Against Planned Parenthood?

This letter was sent to Republican House Speaker Linda Upmeyer and 23 other legislators, Democrat and Republican, Senate and House. I have heard back from two of the Democratic House members. Speaker Upmeyer: I am writing to express my disappointment … Continue reading

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