Why Is Iowa GOP Waging War Against Planned Parenthood?

stand with ppThis letter was sent to Republican House Speaker Linda Upmeyer and 23 other legislators, Democrat and Republican, Senate and House. I have heard back from two of the Democratic House members.

Speaker Upmeyer:

I am writing to express my disappointment in learning that the Iowa House Republicans will again attempt to defund Planned Parenthood.

As it is not likely to come to a vote in the Senate, it would seem that this is somewhat of a waste of your time and my tax dollars.

I respectfully ask for a candid answer on why this will be brought up again.

Do you have reason to think that supporters of PP will “come to their senses” this time around?

Are you concerned that the part of your base who are vocal about this are not yet convinced of your sincerity in fighting family planning?

Are you afraid that Christ Himself won’t forgive you or believe that you are personally against abortion?

What has been the depth of conversation about this with your sisters in Christ who do support both the concept of family planning and the work of Planned Parenthood?

Are you aware that less family planning services will cause more abortions in the long-term?

I realize that many people feel that using tax money for this makes them feel complicit in the actual act. Are you offering me the option of defunding or subtracting from my tax bill the cost of programs that I feel disrespect Christ’s call to be the face of mercy to those in need?

We spend extremely unbalanced amounts of money on education versus imprisoning people. What kind of society prefers vengeance for wrongs rather than providing better foundations in the first place?

What kind of society throws the poor and mentally ill under the bus to make room for financial profits?

What kind of society tolerates industries poisoning the common water and soil?

Are you hoping that we who support PP will walk away from our convictions?

Are you looking for points of compromise?

Are you willing to compromise on school funding to achieve defunding PP? Would that be worth 10% allowable growth for the next ten years?

Are you willing to mandate cooperation with the Nutrient Reduction Strategy?

Willing to raise tax revenues on wealthy people and big business?

Speaker Upmeyer, governing requires compromise. Society is better off when women can make appropriate personal choices regarding child-bearing. Society gains nothing from restricting those options.

Please do not feed the wolves of animosity and divisiveness this year for issues that won’t create jobs, or clean the water we drink.

Urging you to consider why Christ did not throw the first stone,

Laura Twing

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