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Republicans Play The Outrage Card Over Netanyahu Speech

by Laura Twing There are many words available to describe how the Iowa GOP felt about Congressman Loebsack not personally attending the Israeli Prime Minister’s speech to the U.S. congress joint session. But they chose to use the word “outrageous,” … Continue reading

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Another U.S. War

by Ed Flaherty Last week, in a celebration of bi-partisanship, all four Iowa members of the US House of Representatives and both US senators from Iowa voted to train and arm Syrian rebels to fight ISIS. The U.S. has been … Continue reading

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Randomly Thought Thoughts

Paul Ryan is a top notch tea partier, nothing less. This past week he shamefully trotted out the coded racial language that Republicans have always used and that Tea Partiers work hard to hone. Understand that the Tea Party is … Continue reading

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Iowans Should Tell Reps: Pursue Peace Not War

“We must be smart enough and active enough as citzens to not be suckered into another war.” It has been a little over a month since the last US troops came home from Iraq, from a war that was born … Continue reading

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