Sunday Funday: AAPI History Month Edition

3 minutes:

Just found out this is Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage month. Never knew it existed until now. Glad to see it. It is interesting that in our family as it has grown over the years we have people from many different backgrounds, including AAPI. As usual we will try to dig up some trivia about AAPI in the US.

But once again the scoundrels that call themselves the extremist Republicans are dominating news as they gear up for yet another attempt to undermine the country.

A) Today we can start with the former Mayor of NYC. He was sued last week by a former staffer for what?

B) Among  Giuliani conversations recorded and brought in evidence in this suit included one where Giuliani and Trump discussed selling what for $2 million?

C) The attempt to ban sales of mifepristone is back in court at the appeals level. The attempt to ban this drug is based on a 150 year old law known as what?

D) Look who got out of jail! What Trump associate was released – at least for a while – from jail Wednesday?

E) Who filed impeachment articles against President Biden last week?

F) What prosecutor in one of the Trump trials has requested extra security for he office for August?

G) What year did Hawaii become a US state?

H) Retiring U of Iowa professor Chris Jones will have a book published June 1st that will explore environmental water problems in Iowa. What is the name of the book?

I) President Biden attended the G7 conference in Japan last week. Among other activities Biden laid a wreath at what WWII Memorial in Japan?

J) Who made an unexpected appearance at the G7 conference?

K) Who is the highest ranking AAPI current member of the US government?

L) In the really strange case of the claims of a Biden family corruption ring, Republicans lost what key piece of evidence last week? (This includes our Senator Grassley)

M) President Biden will cut his trip to the G7 conference due to what?

N) Rumors flew that what Fox commentor had been fired after her show was no longer in the Fox evening lineup?

O) George Santos isn’t the only representative to possibly be facing expulsion. What the US rep has had a motion filed against him for expulsion?

P) After 4+ years and millions of taxpayer dollars who filed a report that said investigators did nothing wrong?

Q) Who was the first Asian American to win an Emmy award?

R) In the category of ‘it makes sense to a Republican’ Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin stated that “lack evidence indicated” who “was guilty.”?

S) Staffers in the district office of what Virginia congress member were attacked by an assailant with a baseball bat?

T) What former football star and civil rights leader died in his sleep Friday at age 87?

Donald Trump’s tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy are responsible for a QUARTER OF OUR NATION’S ENTIRE DEBT and Republicans want to cut YOUR social security to pay for it, and that’s what this debt ceiling bullsh*t is all about. f-ing unacceptable. – Jeff Tiedrich


A) Sexual harassment, wage theft and other misconduct

B) Pardons. Trump and Giuliani would split the money

C) Comstock Act

D) Allen Weisselberg

E) Margery Taylor Greene. She also filed impeachment articles against FBI Director Chris Wray

F) Fani Willis in Fulton County, Georgia

G) 1959

H) The Swine Republic

I) At the Peace Memorial in Hiroshima Japan

J) Ukraine President Zelensky

K) Kamala Harris

L) their informant 

M) the debt ceiling negotiations here in the US

N) Laura Ingraham. Fox says she has not been fired. Another missing person?

O) Adam Schiff of California. Republican Ana Luna filed the motion for Schiff’s role in Trump’s first impeachment.

P) Investigator John Durham. His investigation turned up nothing

Q) Pat Morita for “Happy Days”

R) Biden. Yep lack of evidence indicates that Biden is corrupt. Diabolical, don’tchya think?

S) Gerry Connelly

T) Jim Brown

They didn’t produce a budget. What they did was produce a ransom note. That’s what the ‘default on America act’ is. And effectively, what they’re saying to the people is either you accept these dramatic cuts or accept a catastrophic default. – Speaker Hakeem Jeffries

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