Sunday Funday: Is It February Already? Edition

Hey, look who is back up on YouTube? Randy Rainbow!

Four minutes of DEFINITELY NSFW material:

Even with all the strange crap Republicans spew, this story about Republican representative Jeff Shipley of Fairfield really caught my eye. From Iowa Starting Line:

Rep. Jeff Shipley connected the murder of a Fairfield teacher to a student charged in her killing being denied a voucher to leave the public school over his family’s disagreement over masking policy.

Seriously? Seriously? The Fairfield school board’s policy of masking in school during the pandemic caused a teen to commit murder? And this guy represents opinion in his district (Note to self: steer far wide of Fairfield.)

What a strange week. And Republicans’ War on America is just gearing up.

A) Tyre Nichols – who was he?

B) Charles McGonigal – who is he and why is he in the news?

C) How many Republicans in the Iowa legislature voted against Reynolds school voucher bill?

D) What top tech company has had a second antitrust suit filed against them by the DOJ for monopolizing online advertising?

E) Last Friday (January 27th) was the 78th anniversary of what major event that was a harbinger of the end of WWII?

F) What is the theme for Black History Month 2023?

G) In a truly bizarre action Florida freshman congress member Cory Mills sent what strange gift to other members of congress to introduce himself?

H) The New York Times revealed in a massive report Thursday that what two DOJ higher ups distorted their findings to make it look like Trump was being set up by the FBI?

I) What top Democratic leader said “Democrats will not pay a ransom note to the GOP over the debt ceiling”?

J) Speaking of the debt ceiling, what percentage of the debt ceiling was rolled up in the Trump administration?

K) Thursday the FBI acting with international policing agencies announced they shut down an International criminal syndicate that dealt in what cyber crime?

L) Black History Month – who was Fannie Lou Hamer? (Hint: 1964 Democratic convention)

M) Two were killed and one injured at the Starts Right Here mentorship prorgram in what Iowa city last week?

N) Republicans started the week by proposing a what percent sales tax and doing away with all other federal taxes?

O) Who is the first female, first black and first Asian American vice-president?

P) In a surprise during an interview what top religious figure stated that “Being homosexual isn’t a crime.”?

Q) The Biden Administration protected what state’s Boundary Waters Wilderness from mining for 20 years last week?

R) The makers of what famous whiskey brand is being sued because its mini bottle of whiskey have no whiskey in. Them?

S) Iowa Republicans took a lot of heat early this week as they tried to excessively crack down on what recipients of what federal program could buy?

T) Who is the last draftee in the NFL draft last summer (called ‘Mr. Irrelevant’) who will be leading San Francisco in the NFC League Championship game tonight?

holy fucking shit, Donald Trump’s tax cuts for the obscenely wealthy are responsible for a QUARTER OF OUR NATION’S ENTIRE DEBT and Republicans want to cut YOUR social security to pay for it, and that’s what this debt ceiling bullshit is all about. fucking unacceptable – Jeff Tiedrich tweet about debt ceiling and threatened Social Security cuts:

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A) Tyre Nichols is the young man who was beaten to death in Memphis following a traffic stop

B) McGonigal was a former FBI counterintelligence officer was arrested Monday for his ties to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska

C) 12

D) Google

E) the liberation of Auschwitz concentration camp

F) Black Resistance

G) dummy hand grenades (but they looked real)

H) former AG Bill Barr and his special council John Durham

I) House Minority leader Hakeem Jeffries

J) 25%

K) ransom ware

L) in 1964 Hamer was the vice-chair of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party which tried to supplant the regular (and racist) Democratic Party at the convention

M) Des Moines

N)  30% – Such a tax would fall heaviest on the poor and middle class and barely bother the wealthy

O) Kamala Harris of course

P) Pope Francis (it is a sin though he noted)

Q) Minnesota’s

R) Fireball 

S) SNAP recipients. Republicans wanted to stop them from being able to buy suck staples as meat and vegetables

T) Iowa Stae’s Brock Purdy

Can’t we please get a single journalist to go to some rural diner and ask republicans there why they support getting rid of their social security and Medicare? – GPovall tweet

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