Were You Surprised At Reynold’s Poor Ratings?

Screenshot_2020-04-06 Gov Kim Reynolds updates Iowans on the COVID-19 outbreak in Iowa (4 6 20)(8)

Iowa pollster Ann Seltzer released a poll earlier this week in which a majority of Iowans expressed that they hope Kim Reynolds does not run for governor again:

Fifty-two percent of Iowans say they hope Reynolds decides not to seek a second full term as governor, and 41% hope she decides to run. Another 7% are unsure.

Reynolds’ job approval has fallen 10 percentage points from 56% in June of 2020 to 46% today. The percentage of those who disapprove has risen from 36% last year to 47% today. It’s the first time as governor that more Iowans disapprove of Reynolds’ job performance than approve.

Considering the mess Reynolds has made out of managing all things corona in this state she should be very happy Iowa does not have recall as an option. If ever there was a public official in Iowa who should be recalled, it is Kim Reynolds. She should be recalled for mismanagement for many non-corona related reasons also.

From the very beginning of the pandemic, Reynolds leadership has been sorely lacking and heavily tilted toward businesses and the rich. Fighting for the meatpacking industry as if she were the owner right from the beginning set the tone for what her approach would be.

As meat packing workers were sickened and dying early on Reynolds led the charge to keep the packing houses open, without any major changes in work processes or equipment. It was as much as saying the workers lives did not matter a much as the profit.

From there we had such ongoing misadventures as dividing the state into zones that caused a super hotspot in Johnson and Linn county to be ignored to her on going fear of telling Iowans that to save their own lives, Iowans should be wearing masks. A simple thing she couldn’t and would never tell us why.

Beyond that we have had forced school openings that led to teacher illness, the ill advised opening of restaurant and especially  bars that led to major spikes in college towns.

In short, the very worst thing an Iowan could do during the long Covid-19 siege in the state over the past year would be to listen to our Governor. I guess for Reynolds she no doubt believes that those in the Trump Administration thought she was doing a great job. Were the governor someone who was grounded in reality, that should have been a real warning signal. No doubt she probably thought it was a badge of honor.

My guess is that she has no idea what she did was wrong in almost every move she made. This is why the state legislature has to create laws suppressing the vote. If all Iowans get to vote in 2022, Reynolds should be in deep trouble. 

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3 Responses to Were You Surprised At Reynold’s Poor Ratings?

  1. A.D. says:

    I am permanently traumatized by what happened in the 2016 POTUS election, so I will unhappily point out that any Iowa Democratic voters who believe Reynolds will be easily defeated should drop that notion. There are a variety of factors working in her favor, and unless that changes, it will take huge amounts of effort to dump her in 2022. For one thing, history shows that Democratic-leaning voters have a very bad habit of not voting in midterm elections. Republican voters traditionally show up in greater numbers. So we’ll need to change that for a start.


  2. Siobhan says:

    That’s the key: If ALL Iowans get to vote …


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