Sunday Funday: International Women’s Day Edition

Seems to be an odd juxtaposition that International Women’s Day would come right on the heels of the withdrawal of the last viable female candidate from the presidential campaign. I am fairly confident that there will be a female VP candidate  at least in the Democratic Party.

It also looks like The Chosen One has set up the current VP to fail and thus be fired. Then the Trumpublicans could have their own female VP candidate. The challenge will be to find any woman in America who would not be scared to be alone in the same room with the Chosen One. 

Meanwhile, look who has a new video out! Randy Rainbow!

Now, back to the boring part of our show:

  1. From last week – the head of what branch of the armed services ordered the removal of all Confederate memorabilia from installations worldwide immediately?
  1. In a scene reminiscent of the recently departed Shep Smith from Fox News, what cable news personality abruptly left his show Monday?
  1. Democratic presidential candidates dropped like flies last week. What 3 candidates still have their names in the contest?
  1. What presidential candidate’s dog celebrated his owner’s leaving the contest by stealing a burrito from someone covering the event?
  1. Washington State currently seems to be hit hardest by the corona virus. What former presidential candidate is Washington’s governor?
  1. Who was the first female Supreme Court Justice?
  1. In a rare show of cooperation, even Mitch McConnell pushed for an emergency spending bill to combat what crisis?
  1. Valentina Tereshkova was the first woman to take on what dangerous mission?
  1. Presidential candidate Joe Biden was interrupted at a campaign event by dairy protestors. Who stopped the protestors?
  1. The national high school graduation rate is 85%. What is Iowa’s graduation rate, as reported last week?
  1. Judge Reggie Walton, a Republican appointee, made headlines when he ordered a review of an unredacted version of what report?
  1. In South Korea, the leader of a sect that tried to hide their COVID 19 infections will be charged with what crime?
  1. What administration bureau “acting” chief was declared to have been illegally installed?
  1. The stock market woes took one day off after what happened?
  1. Poor Jeff Sessions – his march back to his old offices been delayed. Now he has a runoff with what former football coach?
  1. What major southern city was hit with tornados Tuesday morning?
  1. The sale of what beer brand has been affected by the current virus outbreak?
  1. Israel had its 3rd election within a year. Who won?
  1. What state voted Tuesday to eliminate religious exemptions for vaccines?
  1. The SCOTUS heard arguments this week concerning abortion providers getting admitting privileges at a nearby hospital in a case arising from what state?

If Donald Trump plans to attack Hunter Biden, I say bring it on. I’m all for a robust discussion about the corrupt practice of nepotism. – Andy Borowitz


  1. Gen. David Berger of the Marines
  1. MSNBC’s Chris Matthews
  1. Biden, Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard
  1. Elizabeth Warren’s setter Bailey
  1. Jay Inslee
  1. Sandra Day O’Connor
  1. COVID 19
  1. She was the first woman in space.
  1. His wife, Jill Biden.
  1. 91.6%
  1. The Mueller Report
  1. Homicide
  1. USCIS acting director Ken Cucinelli
  1. Biden’s strong showing in the super Tuesday primaries
  1. Tommy Tuberville former coach at Auburn
  1. Nashville, Tn.
  1. Corona – some part of America believes it has something to do with the virus
  1. No one. Looks like there might be a 4th election.
  1. Maine
  1. Louisiana

Mike Luckovich for the win!

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