Sunday Funday: Russia Runs Our Elections Edition

But first a word from Sunday Funday favorite Randy Rainbow. Take it away Randy:

As the story slowly rolled out on Thursday, we once again find that Russia is already doing what they can to throw the election to the current president. The current administration reacts not as any normal administration should and try to stop the interference. No, they respond by blowing a gasket because congress (especially Adam Schiff) was told that essentially Russia was scheming and the administration welcomes their interference. This is very scary stuff .

From Heather Cox Richardson’s daily email:   

As troubling as is this story about Russia’s attack in 2016, it pales in comparison to the news that our Intelligence Community has proof that Russia is already at work trying to disrupt the Democratic primaries and then to throw the 2020 election to Trump. Even worse is that Trump is angry not at the attack on America, but that the Intelligence Community briefed the congressional intelligence committees about it. On February 13, the intelligence official in charge of election security, Shelby Pierson, warned the intelligence committees in a classified briefing that Russia is already working to reelect Trump in 2020.

Our own president, subverting our elections. Don’t forget that Moscow Mitch has stopped any and all measures on election security.

  1. What former governor of our neighboring state, Illinois, was given a pardon by the Chosen One last week?
  1. What former Republican congress member promised a pardon to Julian Assange if Assange claimed Russia had nothing to do with the DNC computer hack?
  1. The new “acting” Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell has no background in what very necessary field for his job?
  1. Besides being DNI, Grenell will keep his day job as what?
  1. What new kid on the block at the Democratic Presidential debate was treated rather rudely by the more experienced members?
  1. During a rally in Bakersfield, California, the Chosen one threatened to take over what two California cities?
  1. The current president floated the name of what juvenile acting Georgia congress member as permanent Director of National Intelligence?
  1. Iowa Democrats chose what long term state representative to become the new party chair amid the caucus situation?
  1. Black history: The first lunch counter sit-in occurred at a Woolworth’s in what city in 1960?
  1. In preparation for a visit from the Chosen One, what country is building walls to hide the impoverished slums?
  1. What was total amount of time in prison Roger Stone was sentenced to?
  1. Some common sense prevails. The Iowa legislature tabled a bill that would have allowed electric companies to charge extra fees to customers who have what?
  1. In what seems to be part of continuing problems, debris was found in the fuel tanks of undelivered airplanes from what company?
  1. Black History: The Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters was one of the strongest unions in the early 20th century. Who was the union’s longtime head?
  1. Friday was Congress member John Lewis’ 80th birthday. What civil rights group did Lewis head up in the early 1960s?
  1. A man in New York was arrested after threatening to kill what two politicians instrumental in the impeachment hearings?
  1. One of the most significant events of the civil rights movement of the 1960s was Freedom Summer (voter registration drives). What state did Freedom Summer focus on? 
  1. The Chosen One criticized the best picture winning movie as mediocre. How did the distributor of “Parasite” respond?
  1. What once ubiquitous organization, now wracked with sexual abuse charges, filed for bankruptcy last week? 
  1. What national landmark, which will celebrate its 400th anniversary this year, was defaced by vandals using red paint?

apathetic americans


  1. Rod Blagojevic
  1. Dana Rohrbacher
  1. Intelligence
  1. Ambassador to Germany
  1. Michael (call me Mike) Bloomberg
  1. San Francisco and Los Angeles. Not sure what that means.
  1. Doug Collins. Collins said no.
  1. Mark Smith
  1. Greensboro, NC
  1. India
  1. 3 years 4 months
  1. Solar panels. But they did move it to be studied.
  1. Boeing – 737 Maxes to be specific
  1. A. Phillip Randolph
  1. SNCC – Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee
  1. Adam Schiff and Chuck Schumer
  1. Mississippi
  1. “Not surprising. He can’t read.”
  1. The Boy Scouts
  1. Plymouth Rock

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