Take The Indivisible 2020 Activist Pledge


This is an important start to a long primary. Indivisible is committed to engaging in this primary from now through the convention, pushing on issues that the grassroots cares about and holding candidates accountable. We’re going to work to make this a healthy, constructive primary that identifies a candidate who can build a powerful, diverse coalition and ultimately win.

We must defeat Donald Trump. The first step is a primary contest that produces a strong Democratic nominee. The second step is winning the general election. We will not accept anything less. To ensure this outcome, I pledge to:

Make the primary constructive. I’ll respect the other candidates and make the primary election about inspiring voters with my vision for the future.

Rally behind the winner. I’ll support the ultimate Democratic nominee, whoever it is — period. No Monday morning quarterbacking. No third-party threats. Immediately after there’s a nominee, I’ll endorse.

Do the work to beat Trump. I will do everything in my power to make the Democratic Nominee the next President of the United States. As soon as there is a nominee, I will put myself at the disposal of the campaign.

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