Barr Sucks Up Attention; DOJ Continues Assault On ACA


The eyes of much of the politically attuned folks of this country were watching William Barr lying, misleading and omitting in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee Wednesday, doing his best to fill his role not as America’s top cop that usually comes with his office but his role as America’s newest top criminal behind Trump. 

It was quite a show with tongue bathing by Republican senators who tried as best as they could to turn Barr’s appearance into yet another hearing on Hillary Clinton. Fortunately for America, Democratic senators used their time to turn the hearing into what it was meant to be.

Once again the Republican administration used the cover of a spectacular crap show to do much more behind the scenes damage. While news media prattled on and on about Barr and his defiance of the rule of law as the nation’s top law enforcement officer, the DOJ that Barr heads filed a brief supporting the lawsuit meant to end the Affordable Care Act that was filed by a series of red states with Texas in the lead. From the dailykos article:

“If the courts agree, everything the law provides—and more—will be invalidated. All of the protections it has provided for everyone, not just people buying insurance on the exchanges, would be gone. This is an extremely disruptive proposition. The ACA is what’s known as a “super statute,” one that has so many moving parts and is so interwoven into the entire health system that it’s changed in big and small ways how everyone gets health care.

Oral arguments before the reliably extremist Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans will be heard in July, and a decision expected around the end of the year, just in time for the 2020 election cycle to be really heating up. Whatever the decision, it will be appealed to the Supreme Court. In a presidential election year, with that court now weighted toward Trump with Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh joining Justices Thomas and Alito in the clearly extremist partisan column. And leaving Chief Justice John Roberts in a quandary, weighing his politics versus his legacy.”

Despite voting to get rid of the ACA multiple times, Republican senators including Grassley and Ernst have learned that the ACA, especially the pre-existing condition clauses, are quite popular. So Chuck and Joni have been lying their asses off trying to convince uninformed voters that they support the ACA. What balderdash!

Grassley was caught in a huge lie by a voter at a town hall last week. Grassley tries to bully and lie his way through the incident, but he was caught dead to rights. See the video and Lawrence O’Donnell’s follow up here.

Joni Ernst continues to try to tap dance around her votes to end the ACA. She has voted seven times to end the ACA, yet still tries to make Iowans believe that she supports the ACA. How stupid does she think we are, anyway?

Here in an interview with WHBF channel 4 in Rock Island, we see Ernst tap dance all around but in the end refuses to say she opposes the above mentioned lawsuit: (2 minutes) ( tip of the hat to Matt Sinovic at

So while Chuck and Joni were doing all they could to distract Americans from what Barr is doing to the country, the administration was once again doing all they could to end the ACA which they continue to pretend to support – or at least sections. This was done by the DOJ whose head, William Barr was being grilled by the Judiciary Committee for illegalities around the Mueller Report.

Barr received confirmation as Attorney General with approving votes of Ernst and Grassley despite glaring evidence that he (Barr) would do exactly what he has been accused of doing.

Ernst’s “grilling” of Barr was a well rehearsed effort at pretending that she and Barr were much concerned about the 2020 election. Her questions and mannerisms were designed to make it look as if she were above the fray and concerned about the future. Considering that the Department of Homeland Security and the DOJ which are the two departments that should be focused on keeping the 2020 election free of interference are focused elsewhere makes the little scene Ernst and Barr enacted yesterday just more kabuki theater.

Ernst has tied her future to Donald Trump. For that matter the whole Republican Party from city hall to the halls of congress have tied their future to Trump with only some singular exceptions. Therefore Ernst must do anything she can to mislead citizens on the president’s corruption. This makes her complicit in the cover up.

Whatever the reason Ernst is tied to Trump – his trade wars that are bankrupting our farmers, his immigration policies that jail and kill immigrant children and separate them from their families, his racist and sexist policies and all the rest – that is what Joni Ernst has tied herself to.

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