Sunday Funday: Dear Leader Goes To Viet Nam Edition

It appears that Dear Leader’s feelings were deeply hurt by his new love, Kim Jung Un while he was there. With any luck, maybe one of those band-aid Purple Hearts that Republicans used at their 2004 convention to mock a real war hero and great American John Kerry, are still around and Dear Leader can award himself one of those Purple Hearts for his hurt feelings.

Trump:Kim summit

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With any luck, the justice system will be giving Dear Leader a large chunk of uninterrupted “executive time” to consider his feelings for Kim. 

BTW, why didn’t we hear Republicans screaming at Michael Cohen when he was obviously lying when they were in charge of the House Oversight Committee?

We are at the juncture of Black History Month and Women’s History Month, so this week we will have some questions on women of color in history. We will lean on Texas Tech’s Women’s Studies program for some questions.

It was a bad day at Black Rock for our reality TV president last week.

  1. Dear Leader asked Kim about whose death and Kim said he knew nothing about it?
  1. Basketball players at what university knelt during the national anthem to protest Confederate statues on their campus?
  1. What indicted individual broke his gag order to denounce Michael Cohen’s testimony before congress?
  1. Brilliant idea! What American leader decided that July 4th would be a great day for a “Salute To America” with fireworks and speeches?
  1. What Russian operative was mysteriously in Hanoi at the same time as both of the Dear Leaders?
  1. Who was the first black woman to win tennis championships at both Wimbledon and the US Open? (Hint: 1950s)
  1. What movie won the Oscar for ‘Best Picture’ last Sunday night?
  1. What major entertainment figure did Dear Leader choose to attack on twitter the day after the Oscars?
  1. What former major figure in Iowa state politics has ruled out a run against Ernst in 2020?
  1. What foreign leader has been indicted by his government on bribery and fraud charges just weeks ahead of an election?
  1. Who was the first black woman in space on the shuttle Endeavor in 1992?
  1. In Australia, what Catholic cardinal was convicted of child sexual abuse?
  1. What senior administration official only got security clearance through an order from Dear Leader?
  1. A bill proposed by Iowa Republican senators would end the requirements that schools have what 2 positions on staff?
  1. That retirement job you planned on may be going away as what company is phasing out their “greeters”?
  1. Speaking of sexual abuse, what well known musician has been charged with 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse?
  1. The debt ceiling will be or was hit on what date?
  1. What Democratic presidential candidate announce that he or she would no longer hold private meetings with large donors and fund raisers?
  1. What two black women have been elected to the US Senate?
  1. What cable TV political commentator will probably be called to testify about his involvement with Dear Leader due to comments he made on his show Thursday?

Apparently after their antics for the TV cameras Wednesday, Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee couldn’t find time to show up for Cohen’s Thursday closed door meeting. No cameras, no Republicans. Governing can be tiring. Maybe Steve King would show up because he wants to be on any committee right now.


  1. Otto Warmbier. His parents don’t believe Kim.
  1. Mississippi
  1. Roger Stone
  1. Dear Leader. He thought of it all on his own
  1. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov
  1. Althea Gibson
  1. Green Book
  1. Spike Lee
  1. Tom Vilsack
  1. Bibi Netanyahu
  1. Dr. Mae Jamison
  1. Cardinal George Pell
  1. Jared Kushner
  1. Nurse and Teacher-Librarian
  1. Walmart
  1. R. Kelly
  1. March 2, 2019 or yesterday
  1. Elizabeth Warren
  1. Carol Mosely Braun and Kamala Harris
  1. Sean Hannity

BTW the High Holy Days of Basketball are upon us. We shall be watching!

John Fugelsang (@JohnFugelsang) · Twitter

“Cohen’s lies to Congress were about Trump being innocent. Also, said crimes were committed for, with and at the behest of Donald Trump, which is why Rep Jordan chose to, er, look the other way.”

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