SF 360 Another Bad Republican Idea

Not sure why anyone would think this is a good idea or be invested in pushing it forward.  Republicans just don’t like burdensome regulations?  Apparently, they want to change Iowa’s safe haven law to bypass DHS and court oversight. Republican Mark Costello is listed as the sponsor of this bill.  Read the text of the bill here.

SF 360 would change current law to provide:

– No oversight by courts or DHS

– No restriction on who the “agent” can be in the bill.

– Parents would be exempt from liability from abandonment, abuse or neglect

– Bill says agent can pay the parents

– No limit where the child can be taken – out of the state out of the country

Democratic Senator Quirmbach and representatives from other organizations including DHS, Iowa State Bar Association, Iowa Network Against Human Trafficking, spoke to express concerns or oppose the bill.

Click to access SF360.pdf

Video by Rodger Routh

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