Democrats Continue To Run On Issues



As Republicans across the country and across Iowa run on fear and hate, Democrats continue to run on actual issues. This is often overlooked by the corporate media.

Donald Trump himself has so confused things that he has decided to run against Bill Clinton instead of Hillary. His strategy is somewhat odd also. Trump says don’t vote for Bill because he had consensual sex outside his marriage. Apparently Trump seems to think it is much more acceptable to assault women like he does.

While Trump’s magical mystery tour has taken up most of the oxygen in the room, Democrats from Hillary Clinton – our real presidential candidate – on down to the state house and county courthouse continue to run solid campaigns based on traditional Democratic values.

Since the corporate media has forgotten, Democrats are running on a platform that recognizes humans have been the catalyst in the changing climate and will continue and improve on policies begun in the Obama Administration. Time is running out to address this issue as serious signs of change are beginning to actually affect people in their daily life. For instance storms continue to be fiercer and wetter, dumping huge amounts of rain in areas that have seldom had such problems.

On a national level, Democrats are ready to make some fixes to Obamacare. Like most programs, the first iteration needs adjusting to fix problems and address changes in society. This is normal and needs to be done. Proposals include a public option that would provide competition to private insurance. Also included is the ability to negotiate drug prices for the Medicare Drug program.

Once again Democrats at all levels leave others in the dust when it comes to what are referred to as the “kitchen table issues.” These are the things that families, especially mom and dad, talk about around the kitchen table. Often such issues include the family pocketbook and whether their incomes can meet their aspirations. All families have aspirations, especially for their children.

Under Republicans, America and the world stood at the very brink of a major depression. Despite great leadership under Barack Obama, there are still many problems with the regulations of financial institutions. Regulations must be tightened and competition restored so that the health of a couple of banks doesn’t determine the country’s economic health.

But more to the kitchen table issues. Will there be jobs and will they pay enough so that families can survive and thrive. During the recovery Republicans fought and killed nearly every proposal that Democrats and the Obama Administration proposed. Despite this the economy did recover and jobs were restored, albeit at lower wages. If Democrats are able to regain both house of congress and tyne presidency you can expect to see programs implemented that are both needed to restore the infrastructure and to prepare us for the future while paying good middle class wages. This is the hallmark of Democratic politics.

Another hallmark of Democratic policy is inclusion and equality. This has been a long slog especially with with Republicans doing all they can drag society backwards. With a Democratic congress working with President Hillary Clinton we can expect economic progress that will be shared among all members of society.

One of the best vehicles to the middle class and beyond is college. Due to interest rates, borrowing policies and tuition rises college in recent years has become more of a burden to middle class families and in many cases beyond the reach of the many without taking on massive debt at a young age. While this has a major impact on individuals and families it also has a major impact on America’s future in so many ways.

With huge college loan burdens, future citizens will have their purchasing power stinted which will affect their ability to buy so many things including houses and cars. This in turn will affect jobs. Don’t forget that we are competing in a global marketplace for jobs and a well educated work force is a major factor. Democrats have proposed college be available for free (at a state level) for families making under $125,000 a year.

What about Grandma and Grandpa? Once again, only Democrats will truly address the problem of shrinking Social Security against inflation. While Republican proposals include raising the eligible age to 70 or more and cutting benefits, Democrats are looking to raise benefits. Social Security has allowed dignity in old age since the FDR era. there is no reason for this to be pared back. Don’t forget Medicare. Republicans would love to see it privatized and thus pretty useless to seniors as the premiums would be out of reach for all but the very wealthy.

These is a sample of national level proposals. A President Clinton will get nothing done without a Democratic congress. Before you vote, stop and think of the issues that truly affect you. Will the Republican fear mongering about Muslim terrorists and illegal aliens and voter fraud be note likely to happen (trust me it won’t) or is it more likely that under Republicans you will continue to see your purchasing power diminished, your children’s prospects clouded and your parents’ ending days lived in fear?

Democrats once again face the same reality that actual citizens face and offer solutions that will work for all of us as a nation working together.

On a state level once more we have a real choice. democrats that offer solutions that we actually face on a day to day basis such as education from pre-k through college for our kids. You may have noticed that as the governor and Republicans in the state legislature have refused to address kitchen table issues such as minimum wages. Therefore it has been forced down to the county level. Education has been another issue that affects your daily life and your kids future. We have seen Republicans balk at even small increases for education and then seen the governor slice even those paltry amounts.

Do I need to remind you of the Medicaid mess? It never should have happened. When Branstad unilaterally privatized it, Republicans in the legislature blocked any attempts at stopping or even regulating it except for only minimally. Now senate Democrats continue to hold investigations to make sure that Iowa citizens are not being screwed over. What they have found ism a system in near complete disarray. What the governor claims is that all is fine.

These are but a few reasons to mark that Democratic oval this fall. Simply stated – do you want government to work for you and the common citizen, or do you want more of government for the rich and screw the rest of us.

Yes, She Can!

Yes, She Can!

(note: the puzzle will return next week)

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