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U.S. Workers Continue To Face Imposed Obstacles To Improved Living Standards

by Ralph Scharnau The economic/business headlines proclaim the American economy as very strong and marked by historic low inflation and unemployment rates. But these idyllic statistics mask workers’ struggle to secure a decent standard of living. The federal minimum wage … Continue reading

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Government and Public Welfare

by Ralph Scharnau The headlines proclaim a booming economy with historic low inflation and unemployment rates. But these cheery statistics hold no reality for millions of people coping with immediate or looming insecurity. The evidence for the gloom seems clear. … Continue reading

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A Few Important Things That Occurred In The Year 2016

by Ralph Scharnau Many people and most news gathering organizations put the presidential election as the top issue for 2016. Yet a number of other noteworthy things happened as well. Here are five of the year’s other significant happenings. Not … Continue reading

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Reflections On Labor Day 2016

Labor Day means much more than sales events and holiday excursions. The day honors the men and women who provide the work that fuels our economy. Reports of falling unemployment, growing wages, and rising consumer confidence in the United States … Continue reading

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It's Not Just About Wages

It’s time for a new discussion about wages. People who harp about hourly wages are tedious and mostly fooling themselves. The economic instinct in society should be and is making a decent life from what we have and are given. … Continue reading

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What Is The Difference Between A Minimum Wage Worker And You?

by Jennifer Hauff When I last lived on minimum wage, I shared a one bedroom apartment with a friend I met at work. She had a mattress and a dresser in her room. I had a bunch of blankets and … Continue reading

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Pushing Back On Raising Minimum Wage

RURAL JOHNSON COUNTY — The nearby City of Solon is concerned about the impact of the recently passed county ordinance to raise the minimum wage. The city council doesn’t buy in, local businesses don’t buy in. On Sept. 10, the … Continue reading

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Missing Pieces Of #RaiseTheWage

The loud but small-sized movement to raise the minimum wage is made up of good people. There are not enough of them to make a difference. Their voice is amplified in corporate news outlets, but neither the federal nor state … Continue reading

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A Progressive Agenda For The New Congress

The 2014 midterm elections are over.  Republicans won with no platform, no plan, and no vision. They rode a wave of discontent with government and blamed Obama. While the GOP savors its impressive electoral successes, many voters remain discouraged. A … Continue reading

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Low Wages And Maria Fernandes' Fatal Nap

What working person hasn’t taken a nap in their vehicle? Part time and temporary workers with multiple jobs are unlikely to get enough rest, so why not set the alarm clock and snooze after arriving early for a shift, or … Continue reading

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