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It is what? ten days until Biden Day! I can hardly wait. Biden has put together a powerhouse cabinet. That powerhouse cabinet has a HUGE task ahead of it. First they have to start by aiming to return to what … Continue reading

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I Am Ready To Scream!

From day 1 of the pandemic it has been more than abundantly clear that the Republican Party as a whole had no plans to do anything really substantial to stop the spread of the disease. They followed the lead of … Continue reading

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Big Moves Coming?

Well I heard someone on the radio give the old Republican cliche about states that cut their business taxes and/or regulations. “Iowa is open for business!” These are similar moves to what Walker did in Wisconsin. Last I looked, Walker’s Wisconsin … Continue reading

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The Courtney Report

Our state faces a critical question this spring: What’s the best way to expand affordable health care to more Iowans? Our choice is between expanding Medicaid or continuing IowaCare. Expanding Medicaid is the right choice, and it is probably our … Continue reading

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