Big Moves Coming?

just curious

just curious

Well I heard someone on the radio give the old Republican cliche about states that cut their business taxes and/or regulations. “Iowa is open for business!” These are similar moves to what Walker did in Wisconsin. Last I looked, Walker’s Wisconsin was mired in 42nd place in job creation. You see, it is hard to sell products when the middle class is hollowed out and and no one has money to spend.

Remember when Walker went to Illinois to persuade businesses to move to the business heaven of Wisconsin after Illinois had passed a very small tax raise? Well, nothing has moved. I expect the same here.

We don’t live far from the Mississippi. I am thinking that we may go down to the Mark Twain Overlook in Muscatine this weekend and watch the caravan of business moving trucks come over the bridge. They must be backed up to Springfield by now.

Old-Fashioned Solution
Seems like the best solution would be to make sure Iowa has good stability, good schools, good safety nets and decent paying jobs that add up to a good quality of life. Yet like other Republican governors, Branstad insists on punishing the poor, hollowing out the middle class and putting poison pills in legislation to erode Iowa’s quality of life. It will catch up to us.

Six Month Anniversary of Newtown.
Today is the six month anniversary of the Newtown massacre. At the time I wrote my hope that this disaster would be the one that would galvanize action much as the Our Lady of Angels’ fire in Chicago had done for safe schools nearly a half century ago. I feared that the seemingly irrational love of guns in this country might get in the way. There was no comparable love of tinderbox buildings except by a few slumlords a half century ago.

Well the irrational love of guns seems to be winning. This puts Americans, ourselves our children and grandchildren in a state of potential terror daily. Anyplace – work, play, shopping, school, even driving down the road or in the country on your bike, we will be at the mercy of those who have guns and a score to settle.

Stealing Your Neighbor’s Jobs
Well, every state is now in the business of stealing their neighbor states businesses and jobs. It is one thing to create quality of life attractions that make a certain state a good place to live and do business. It is entirely different to offer payments in the form of tax cuts and free utilities and low wages for employees. Yet many of the states have come down to bribing businesses to bring their business to their states. This is certainly the wrong way to solve the problem. The citizens end up paying to get a job through higher taxes and fees.

Proudly leading the effort in this are is Gov. Goodhair of Texas. Rick Perry of Texas has gone on a national tour of the country enticing businesses with these type of bribes. Can you imagine what kind of a sleazy, corrupt president he would have been?

Remember Rick Renzi?
He was a congressman from Arizona whose claim to fame was some pretty out in the open corruption. My recollection is that he swapped extremely valuable land for pretty much worthless land using the power of he got due to committee assignments. There was some other campaign money issues also.

You will be glad to know that he has been convicted on 17 of 32 charges and will be getting some time in jail. Corrution of the public trust is to me one of the most heinous crimes possible. May he rot.

Mark Twain On Schools
“Every time you stop a school, you have to build a jail. What you gain at one end, you lose at the other. It’s like feeding a dog on his own tail. It won’t fatten the dog.”

And the trend around the country to close schools, cut teacher salaries and stick college students with high interest rates on loans for very expensive tuition will come back to bite this country big time. Sadly those who gain today will not be the ones who suffer when the bill for this course comes due.

In Pennsylvania 23 schools are being closed due to a lack of money while a $400 million prison is being built.

Change The Redskins Name?
I say Yes! indeed. Why they would want to keep a team name that was picked by a racist owner as a racial slur is beyond me. Besides, “Redskins” has little to do with Washington, just like “Jazz” has little to do with Utah.

Then the owners could use a name that is truly Washingtonian, a group that is very powerful and inspires fear – the Washington Lobbyists!

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