It is what? ten days until Biden Day! I can hardly wait. Biden has put together a powerhouse cabinet. That powerhouse cabinet has a HUGE task ahead of it. First they have to start by aiming to return to what the norm was before Trump destroyed the various departments.

The environment will be a really big challenge. We were behind the curve on climate change before Trump came in to destroy progress. One good thing in the environment’s favor is that it looks like gas guzzling cars will be on their way out. It is just a matter of time. Appointing John Kerry as the climate leader was a master stroke.

Another really hard hit agency was the State Department which Mike Pompeo ran as if it were his own kingdom. There will be a lot bruised feelings to heal. There will also be a lot of mistrust that the US will be good to their word after 4 years of pulling out of treaties on a whim, leaving other countries holding the bag.

There is serious repair to be done at every major agency and department. But from what we have seen of the Joe Biden pre-presidency, he is pulling no punches. Biden is calling them as he sees them. With the exception of Fox and OAN we can hope that the other major news sources will give Biden a fair chance. Without the press nipping at his heels, maybe the Biden administration can have some breathing room to make plans.

Also with the election shocker down in Georgia, President Biden will have a congress to work with even if it is a fragile majority in both houses. Biden, being the state veteran that he is should understand how to work in such an environment. However, for at least a while he may underestimate just how radical the Republicans have become. 

So we have the makings of an administration that may accomplish great things. We can dream can’t we?

  • The corona virus vaccines do what they are advertised to do. The Biden administration organizes and leads the massive immunization campaign that has the virus pretty much subdued by the beginning of the 2021 fall school semester. A massive campaign on TV, social media and word of mouth makes the anti-vaxxers real pariahs. Most of them surrender and get the vaccination.
  • As the virus is subdued we see the economy slowly return to full vigor. But instead of low wages being the norm, the federal government uses the power of their purchases to push fro living wages beginning at at least $15/hour. As the wage trickles up through the economy we see the beginning of a huge booming economy.
  • Environmental concerns are given priority with people being paid for mamboing lands in environmental sound ways. Farmers are paid to practice environmental farming. Environmental care becomes the the socially acceptable way of life. 
  • Following the year of remote learning, schools across the country experiment with various configurations of in house and remote learning aimed at giving each student some extra individual help with teachers.
  • Following a year in which America learned that many of America’s most important jobs are also the lowest paid jobs. New laws are passed to allow easier formation of unions to negotiate living wages for workers on industries such as meat packing, grocery stores and nursing homes.
  • Huge tax cuts for the rich from the Trump administration are rolled back as tax cuts for the middle class and poor are implemented. While businesses threaten some sort of slow-down action in response they can’t help but see that the combination of higher wages and lower taxes for the lower classes has created a booming business environment.
  • New election laws are passed that require a paper backup for all elections. This creates an environment where recounts are more easily done. Suddenly the wild variations from polling are smoothed out.
  • The US re-enters treaties concerning Iran nuclear energy and the World Climate change treaty. The NATO agreements are updated and the US and Northern Europe are once again a mutual defense group. Relations with rogue states such as North Korea and Russia cool decidedly. Sanctions against Russia for interfering in our elections are imposed again.
  • Investigations into possible criminal activities of the Trump administration shock the country with new revelations nearly daily. These revelations seem so outrageous that it is hard to believe they are true, yet there is evidence and testimony to back it up.
  • New York State investigations into Trump business practices in that state also continue to shock the country. Massive tax dodging is identified.
  • A commission is formed to do a deep dive into race relations in this country. The sensitivity of this issue doesn’t make it real hopeful for any resolutions coming out of their investigations, but it is a start.

A boy can dream can’t he? 10 days!

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  1. A.D. says:

    The Biden administration will face a huge challenge just undoing the awfulness that has been done. As one example, the Trump administration just passed (on January 5) an end-of-regime rule as a parting gift to their industry buddies, a rule that makes the “accidental” killing of migratory birds a corporate freebie. So if there is, for example, another major oil spill before the Biden administration undoes that rule, the company responsible won’t face any consequences even if a million birds are killed, as as happened during the Gulf oil spill. A major change. And yet with so much other news, this rule got very little coverage.


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