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Lifelong Republican Leaves Party

Editor’s note: I ran across this incredible post on democraticunderground last week. As you can see the person writing this really poured their very soul into it. This entry is long, but quite thorough and I believe expresses a frustration many are feeling.

I sought and got permission from the author to publish it here. He requested that I include this preface when we published:

I am a Republican who is upset at the direction my party has taken. When I voted for McCain in the last election I thought he was a “Moderate Republican.” We were fighting for the soul of our party, and I thought Palin was just a bone thrown to the crazies in my party. I am a social conservative, but an economic pragmatist. I have tried to post this letter at Republican blogs and it is always taken down. I hope this letter gives moderates the courage to help take back my party. We need a center-left and center-right political parties, not parties on the extremes. Continue reading

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