Wandering Thoughts From A Lefty Mind

As elusive as reality on Fox News.

As elusive as the truth to Mitt Romney.

The money the rich are spending to buy this election could buy some good infrastructure and schools in this country

If I every get surrounded by a group of angry Republicans, I know the secret word to scare them to death: vagina!

When climate change wipes out humanity, the last Republican will say “Why didn’t somebody warn us?”

This crop of Republicans makes writing jokes too easy. Soon Dennis Miller may figure it out.

I shouldn’t pick on Dennis Miller. Republicans have a hard time telling jokes. Instead they run them for public office.

I would love to see as much of the world as Mitt Romney’s money.

If you wanted to be treated decently in this country, you should have been born as a dressage horse.

This is not a joke. The pope says the reason for the child abuse by the Catholic clergy is still a mystery.

Seems like Catholic nuns are the only ones still practicing Catholicism. And to think I used to be scared of them in school.

A Muslim school applied for state money for private religious schools in Louisiana. Boy their legislature never saw that one coming. Seriously.

The approval ratings for congress are directly the inverse to the number of Republicans in Congress at any given time.

Eric Holder may soon be held in contempt of Congress. But not near the contempt that Americans have for Congress right now.

Republicans are so opposed to anything Obama proposes, I can only hope someday Obama proposes that all Americans must breathe.

Want to have a good cry? Think of what the country would be like after 8 years of President Gore. The peace, the prosperity, the jobs.

People can’t believe in climate change or evolution for which there is overwhelming evidence, but they can believe that 51 years ago a black man from Kenya and a white woman from Kansas conspired to make a child (that was born in two different places) that would grow up to take over the United States and turn it into a communist state. Why is that so hard to understand?

Romney and his rich cronies are out in Utah dividing up the country today. What part do the 99.99% get, do you think?

Turns out that despite calling it illegal and one of the worst things about America, Ron Paul does get Social Security. Ron Paul does look out for Ron Paul.

Per Thom Hartmann, the Chamber of Commerce has won 100% of the cases it has been involved in before the Supreme Court this year. That doesn’t bode well for ‘we the people’ on number 8 – the Affordable Care Act.

Romney lays his claim to fame on being a businessman. America has had two businessmen as president. If you want to use history as a guide, those men were Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush. At the end of their terms, when the rest of the country was broke, they still had money. I am sure we could expect the same from Romney.

Finally we now know that Romney did create jobs while at Bain Capital. Those jobs were in China, however.

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