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SLAPP Lawsuits

  These lawsuits have been around for a while.  Robert Reich warns us to look for an upsurge in these types of lawsuits. This video is about three minutes: One thing that Mr. Reich failed to mention in this video … Continue reading

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Wisconsin Becomes 28th State To Call For A Constitutional Convention

(34 Needed To Call A Convention) Email from Robert Reich that should send a chill down your spine: Just 6 states stand between us and a disastrous Article V Convention — we must immediately step up our grassroots response. Please make a donation today. Under … Continue reading

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Robert Reich To Keynote Working Families Summit In Ames

LAST CALL!! Working Families Summit Registration Deadline MONDAY!! To attend, you must RSVP by Monday, May 11th Feel Free to contact Sue Dinsdale with any questions! sdinsdale@iowacan.org RSVP online at: REGISTER NOW! or call 1-800-372-4817 Join us at the Working … Continue reading

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Robert Reich On Republican Priorities

Truer words were never spoken – Robert Reich on facebook 01/10/2015 (yesterday): Look at the priorities of the new Republican congressional – the Keystone XL Pipeline, the Trans-Pacific Trade agreement, tax cuts for big corporations and the wealthy, rollbacks of … Continue reading

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What Can We Expect?

Robert Reich posted this on Facebook Wednesday: I’m less worried Republicans will roll back the Affordable Care Act or reduce taxes on the wealthy over the next two years – the President’s veto pen will prevent that – than I … Continue reading

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“Inequality For All” Examines Widening Income Disparity In U.S.

“Inequality for All” MacBride Hall Auditorium Tuesday, November 19th, 2013 7:00 PM to 9:30 PM The University of Iowa Public Policy Center will present a free screening of “Inequality for All”, a 2013 documentary that examines the widening income inequality … Continue reading

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Howard Dean And Robert Reich Join Forces For Democracy

You won’t want to miss this event tonight at 7:00 pm.  Watch the trailer then click on the links to sign up for the call. From Robert Reich: We are reaching a tipping point. In my new movie, Inequality for … Continue reading

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Will Robert Reich Challenge Clinton In The 2016 Iowa Caucuses?

Reprinted with permission from the Fall 2013 issue of The Prairie Progressive, Iowa’s oldest progressive newsletter, available only in hard copy for $12/yr.!!  Send check to PP, Box 1945, Iowa City 52244. An Open Letter to Former Secretary of Labor … Continue reading

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Oops – Steve King Accidentally Speaks The Truth

Every now and then some Republican loses their talking points and without those to guide them they accidentally tell the truth. Such a horrible misfortune befell our own Steve King this week. He was discussing immigration and he slipped and … Continue reading

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It Is Not All Dark

This is one of those moments in history where things couldn’t look much darker. It seems like the arc of history is currently bending toward the forces against humanity. We have been here before and have survived. This time it seems … Continue reading

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