“Legitimate Political Discourse”

I frequently check in on Robert Reich’s Inequality Media. His videos are dedicated to how working folks and the poor are getting screwed in this country. 

This week his focus was a bit different. He focused on the absolutely insane statement that the Republican National Committee put out saying that the January 6th attempted coup was “legitimate political discourse.” People died. There were also targets (Mike Pence, Nancy Pelosi) designated to be killed. 

I have yet to hear a reaction from any of our Republican leaders on this statement. It is their party. Unless they deny it I would assume they agree. Miller-Meeks? Feenstra? Hinson? Reynolds? Grassley? Ernst? Anything but silence. Are they too afraid of losing votes from the MAGA crowd to do what is right for their country and their state? Or do they condone it? We are waiting.

Back in early January, I sent and email to Miller-Meeks office asking simply whether she felt the election was stolen or was Joseph Biden the legitimately elected president? I am still waiting for an answer.

I called her DC office a couple of weeks later and asked the staffer the same question. I was informed that Miller-Meeks has (not sure if this is an exact quote but it is the gist) ’not addressed that issue.’ I was stunned. As I tried to reask the question I was told that again and then hung up on.

I wish everybody would call their congress member and ask them if Biden’s election was legitimate. The answer will tell you if they are working for our country or something else.  

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