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Why Racism?

Racism is a feature of the Trump administration geared toward activating marginal voters who support his racist statements to get them to vote to elect Republicans, posits Thom Hartmann in the clip below. “When Trump said this he knew exactly … Continue reading

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Why Condemn King Now?

A 3 minute videos from just before the midterm election. At that time King was a campaign co-chair for Kim Reynolds. Reynolds refused to disavow King at that time. She won with votes from King’s district. Political opportunism, anyone? We … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts At Thanksgiving

Letting the old mind idle for the holiday: Terry Branstad panders once again Let’s face it Iowans, this guy is a far right winger; he just sounds better than most when he does things like this: After joining in the … Continue reading

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Confederate Flag: Heritage And Hate

Slavery and Jim Crow discrimination cast a long shadow on American society. Racial hatred remains a potent force in our society, as a recent horrific event reminds us. On June 17, a white gunman massacred nine blacks in a Charleston … Continue reading

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Decentralized and United we stand, Divided We Fail

[by David Van Thournout] I want to talk to my democrat friends who are in the fight to help Obama win in 2012. One person, even if he’s the president, can’t really change things in America. But I still believe … Continue reading

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