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Did Anonymous Thwart Rove’s Diabolical Plot?

Well at very least, it is one possible explanation for Karl Rove’s on-air election night freak-out. Blog for Iowa tweeted at the time that it almost seemed as if he was waiting for the votes to flip.  Here’s what Thom … Continue reading

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There Will Be No Circular Firing Squad On The Left

Tuesday President Obama met with labor and progressive leaders including reps from MoveOn.org, Center for American Progress, AFL-CIO, AFSCME, National Education Association and Service Employees International Union.  Here’s what Leo Gerard of  the United Steeleworkers had to say on the … Continue reading

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Decentralized and United we stand, Divided We Fail

[by David Van Thournout] I want to talk to my democrat friends who are in the fight to help Obama win in 2012. One person, even if he’s the president, can’t really change things in America. But I still believe … Continue reading

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Friday Food Talk: Occupying Big Food

Here is an excerpt from an interesting article we spotted on Alternet.org about why we need to get over BIG FOOD now.  Hey hey ho ho big food’s got to go!  Here’s why: by Christopher D. Cook,  author of Diet … Continue reading

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