Occupy Des Moines To Protest GOP Debate

Protest the GOP Debate: The Greatest Scam on Earth

OccupyDSM invites you to the ‘Greatest Scam on Earth’!

5:00pm until 8:00pm

CORRECTION: NOT at Drake Diner parking lot; Rally has been changed to:  post office on 2323 forest avenue

We’ll mobilize at First Christian Church, 2500 University Avenue, at 5pm and then march on the GOP debate as soon as the gathered crowd is ready to rumble.

The GOP Candidates have shown time and again through their clownish behavior that the Wall Street ringmasters are dictating their every move. OcuppyDSM will respond in kind with a protest circus of our own.

When all the candidates are clowns, you should expect a circus!

Wear the circus costume of your choice!

(let us know if you know of other Occupy events around Iowa this weekend – add a comment or e-mail us at blog3@democracyforiowa.com)

Occupy Cedar Rapids

Showing – “Inside Job”, Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary


Occupy Wall Street movement began in response to the “inside Job” done by those on Wall Street, costing Americans over $20 trillion dollars! Join us to watch the film, followed by discussion, Friday, Dec 9, 7:00pm, at CSPS (11th Ave and 3rd St SE)

Occupy Quad Cities
Sunday, 2:00 pm until 5:00 pm

The Direct Action and Occupation Planning Team will be meeting to go over planning and organizing for the up-coming “A Home is a Human Right Awareness Rally” scheduled for December 17th. Bring your ideas, skills and enthusiasm…You are the Leader You have been waiting for…Join Us

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