The “People’s Caucus” Will Be Televised

Support the “people’s caucus,” support the Occupy movement, support a progressive agenda, support progressive Democrats,  attend the official Iowa caucus, support the Democratic party and support our President, Barack Obama.  There is no reason why Democrats or progressive activists have to choose between supporting our Democratic president and supporting a progressive movement.  Things do not always have to be done in just one way.  You do not have to choose between working outside or inside  the Democratic party.  It is possible and more effective to do both.  Maximum participation is good.  Keep in mind that if we are not careful about too much infighting, things could backfire and we could end up with a Republican in the White House.  This must be avoided.  Have you forgotten the Bush years?   Are you too young to remember what the Reagan years did to working people in this country?  If so, ask somebody.

Moving on..

“People’s Caucus”, 7 pm, Tuesday, December 27, at the Occupy Iowa Caucus headquarters, 504 East Locust Street, downtown Des Moines.

David Goodner said that this event will be covered by C-SPAN.  As of this posting time we did not see it on the C-SPAN schedule, so we don’t know if this means live coverage or a delayed broadcast.  We’ll keep checking.  Here’s the blurb about it on FB:

“Join everyday people and hardworking families from across the county for a participatory and empowering event where we will discuss the pressing issues facing the 99 percent, turn sentiment into action, and prepare to take the power back from Wall Street and the puppet politicians who push the corporate 1 percent agenda.”

And don’t forget the official Iowa caucuses next Tuesday, January 3rd.   Here is a message from IDP Chair Sue Dvorsky:

“Iowa friends, we’re heading into Get Out the Caucus (GOTC) Week!   This matters, a lot.  Four years ago to the day, Iowa Democrats across the state stood with our neighbors, for our candidates, and for our issues. Let’s show the world we’re still standing! Click on commit yourself, find your location, then spread the word. See you at the caucus!”

The people united will never be defeated, so let’s be united out there.


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