Heather Cox Richardson: U.S. Politics “A Tyranny of the Minority”

Amanpour and Company    posted May 27, 2022 (17 minutes)

Our gun culture and the mythology of the Cowboy.

Listen closely as Historian Heather Cox Richardson fills in the huge gaps in how we got to where we are today.

In an article on this same theme from early 2021, Richardson delves a bit deeper into the cowboy mentality that has become the Republican Party. At the end she discusses how this has taken America to brink of falling into a small group of oligarchs:    

And so, in 2016, we faced a clash between a relentlessly changing nation and the individualist ideology of the Movement Conservatives who had taken over the Republican Party. By then, that ideology had become openly radical extremism in the hands of Donald Trump, who referred to immigrants as criminals, boasted of sexually assaulting women, and promised to destroy the New Deal government once and for all.

In the 2016 election, the themes of the past 36 years came together. Embracing Movement Conservative individualist ideology taken to an extreme, Trump was eager enough to make sure a Democrat didn’t win that, according to American intelligence services, he was willing to accept the help of Russian operatives. They, in turn, influenced the election through the manipulation of new social media, amplified by what had become by then a Republican echo chamber in which Democrats were dangerous socialists and the Democratic candidate, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was a criminal. Thanks to the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision which permitted corporate money to flow into election campaigns, Trump also had the help of a wave of money from big business; financial institutions spent $2 billion to influence the election. He also had the support of evangelicals, who believed he would finally give them the anti-abortion laws they wanted.

Trump lost the popular vote by almost 3 million votes but, as George W. Bush before him, won in the Electoral College. Once in office, this president set out to destroy the New Deal state, as Movement Conservatives had called for, returning the country to the control of a small group of elite businessmen who, theoretically, would know how to move the country forward best by leveraging private sector networks and innovation. He also set out to put minorities and women back into subordinate positions, recreating a leadership structure that was almost entirely white and male.

As Trump tried to destroy an activist government once and for all, Americans woke up to how close we have come to turning our democracy over to a small group of oligarchs.

One note I would add is that our history is much more of Americans pitching in to help each other and very little of the loner superhero who saves the day. America was built by a population working together. It is being destroyed by those who are acting for their own benefit. Donald Trump comes immediately to mind.

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