Factory Farms Expose Nearby Communities To Fecal Bacteria

“A 2010 study by the National Association of Local Boards of Health, reported that animal manure contains more than 150 infectious pathogens that can harm human health.”

I think what we all want to know is how much hog manure is floating around in OUR air. Maybe that has something to do with pneumonia being Iowa’s “most distinctive cause of death.”  – Joan Olive

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[Source:  Fecal Bacteria From Hog Farms Affects Nearby Homes,” Environmental Working Group, 11 May, 2017]

WASHINGTON – Scientific tests found abundant hog feces on homes and lawns, and in the air of private properties near big hog farms in North Carolina – proof that factory farms are exposing nearby communities to dangerous fecal bacteria, endangering the health of tens of thousands of citizens. Despite this disgusting evidence, state lawmakers are moving to strip citizens of their right to fair compensation through so-called nuisance suits against concentrated animal feeding operations, or CAFOs.

“This study, by a scientist who has done groundbreaking work for the Environmental Protection Agency and other federal agencies, proves that industrial-scale swine farms are not just a nuisance that damages property values, but a serious threat to the health of people who live nearby,” said Ken Cook, president of EWG, which has mapped an estimated 60,000 homes within half a mile of North Carolina swine and poultry CAFOS.

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